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Grape Seed Oil

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I am really loving grape seed oil! I've never had luck with oils and I remember always reading about the benefits of grape seed but never buying it, well I finally decided to buy it about 3 weeks ago and I'm so happy.

I use it nightly and If I'm not going anywhere in the morning (such as now since it's summer) then I'll also apply it then.

Here are my personal benefits:

-regulates oil and helps with dryness. My skin is combination but has been really dry recently because of acne treatments and just damage from products.

-incredible inflammation reducer. This is the biggest thing for me, it has REALLY helped with cystic acne. I put it on a cyst at night and in the morning it's 70% reduced and barely hurts. Even if I didn't catch it on time, it's just amazing.

-rich in vitamic C = reduced PIH (post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation). I haven't been using it for too long, but GSO has reduced my marks by about 20% in 3 weeks.

-heals and soothes.

GSO has continuously worked, usually products stop working for me in a week. This has worked extremely well for 3 weeks. BP was helping my skin before this but it never got rid of the cysts fully, especially in my lower jaw, this has obliterated the cysts. I have 1 pimple in that area now. Also, 2 days ago I got a pimple (NOT a cyst! But painful & inflamed) in that area, put the GSO at night, and I swear I'm being honest, the next day it was dry and in another day it rubber off when I washed my face.

I'm really excited to continue seeing the benefits because it's surreal. I've added about 2 tablespoons to my cleanser so we'll see how that goes. For a cleanser (I don't use it regularly though) I use the Whole Foods version of Cetaphil - really good (no bad ingredients such as parabens, it's great!)

PS: forgot to say, currently I'm using the Whole Foods GSO in the cooking section, it's not the most natural but it's doing the job. I'm going to continue using it for a few more weeks and then try to buy an organic one.

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Is it still working for you?

Hey, unfortunately no, when I went to college (Aug 2013) I was bombarded with stress and a less than ideal diet so grapeseed oil was not sufficient to control the acne. I experienced the worst acne of my life during my first year in college (what a great time?!). I'm home for the summer now and my skin is almost clear though thank God!! I suggest you give manuka honey (16+ or more) & ceylon cinnamon a try. I make it a mask, 30min - 1hr daily. It's clearing me like nothing ever before, not even the gso, I have seen an incredible healing process. It's been a month. I have a few pimples now (I think around 2-3) no cystic, it's incredible. Also, the scarring has improved incredibly, redness has been reduced and I'm hopefull that this will be my last acne battle. I've had acne for 4 years nothing had worked for so long and so well, try it out! Also, I began to eat A LOT more vegetables (kale, spinach mostly) and have been taking vitamin D (10,000 IU /day) and I think that has a lot to do with it also (vit D is lacking in most people and it's so necessary!) and I'm also taking vitamin C. Wish you only the best,

On a side note, GSO did wonderful things for me, I plan on purchasing it soon (an organic brand however) and using it a few times a week at night as my moisturizer. The thing with acne is that even when people are able to clear their skin, a recommendation when it comes to skincare can only go so far, skin is unfortunately very different. Don't give up though, try out the mask I'm suggesting, it's worked for many, manuka honey has incredible healing properties.

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