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Dry Skin?

Many people have dry skin while on medication for their acne. I used to use the St. Ives face scrub but I was nervous to use it because I thought it would irritate my skin and cause even more redness while on Absorica. So while I stopped using the face scrub, I began to get really annoyed by the small dry patches on the top of my arms and on my face. I was looking for a natural remedy and came up with my new 'go-to' for dry skin. The best part? It's completely all-natural, and safe to use anywhere on your body, including your face. Since it is made with all natural ingredients, you don't need to worry if it is ingested accidentally (it will just taste horrible).

Here are the ingredients...you can use as little or as much of each as you want.

-Coconut Oil

-Lemon Juice



I recommend mixing it while you add everything so that you have a good consistency. I made mine a little watery because the coconut oil will thicken after a while.I also used an old gelato container made of plastic and keep it in my shower for easy access.

My skin has been insanely soft, it keeps moisture locked in, and the best part is that you can use coconut oil for so many different things (cooking, beauty remedies etc.--> check out Pinterest or just Google it for some creative ideas). I ordered my coconut oil on Vitacost.com and got a huge jar for only $6, you can also find it in Whole Foods, Trader Joes or any other store that sells natural goods.

Let me know your thoughts!!


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Look up coconut oil on the internet because it is not non-comedogenic and can clog pores, esp on your face!

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I've never heard that before, but thank you for sharing!

By the way, I should mention to everyone that I'm not suggesting that anyone use this instead of regular face wash, or that they use it everyday. It should only be used once a week, or every other week to rid your face/body of excess dry skin. Using it too often, like any other scrub will only irritate your skin more.

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