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Second Week!

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So i havent posted anything in a while but just to update: I started Claravis at 40 mg once a day for the first month. My derm changed the dosing because of my blood work. The first few days nothing really happened until about half way through the week. I got the Inital Breakout. Not fun stuff. Very painful pimples and never seem to go away. At the end of week 1 was when i started to notice more dryness. My eyes have gotten very dry along with my lips. They have started to peel and i have to keep applying chapstick every couple of minutes! My face is very dry too, especially after i wash it. When im home i use coconut oil on my face and lips, it works really good! So far no side effects other than the dryness. I'll post more in a few weeks!

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Coconut oil will clog your pores. Please stick with an oil-free moisturizer with spf also. I used to put oil on my face and ended up with cystic cosmetic acne. At the very least, promise me you will tell your dermatologist what you are doing and let him or her approve or disapprove it. Peace!

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I agree, coconut oil is not good for the face. I too am in week 2, 30mg. I have dry lips and eyes and mildly dry face. I've only gotten a few new "big" pimples, only 1 that had pus in it. I have a new one under my jaw, that hurts a little and I'm kind of worried because I used to get big painful cysts there. I was put on minocycline before accutane and it cleared all that up, thankfully. So if this is an IB I don't want to get those big cysts! :(

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Thank you guys for the input. I plan on getting come Cetaphil tomarrow and start to use that instead of the oil. Dry lips are awful, they keep peeling and splitting. I have currently two medium sized pimples on my forhead, a small one on by cheek, and another medium sized one by my sideburns. So far i think i have gotten rid of the IB, but still am getting pimples every now and then. I am on week 2 day 1 (day 15).

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