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Update On Acne & Paragard Removal



I have not updated on this blog in a while because I have been waiting to see results...

So far, my face is slowlyyyyyyyy getting better.

My regimen (because a few have been asking) is:

Of course washing my face twice a day w/ cetaphil OR Benzoyl Peroxide face wash 10% (even though its a little strong), but it has worked really well for me because my chest and back is completely clear from it!!! It seems to help my face a lot too.

I swap everday with acanya gel or retinA on my zits. AT LEAST applying 3 times a day. At night I will apply BP 10% on some really bad looking spots and go to bed.

Then use the olay moisturizer w/ jojoba oil.

My skin isn't as dry-but it gets really flaky.

And Of course, I don't wear makeup as much. However, I just ordered some Laura Mercier face makeup kit that had really good reviews..just a little pricey.

My diet right now is meats, veggies, and fruits----no bad oils. I make smoothies constantly with veggies and fruits in them.

I only drink water.

Also I am taking zinc, vitamin A, D, & C, cod liver oil pills, enzymes, and probiotics? I feel like I am forgetting something lol.

The only hard thing about this diet is that I am addicted to peanut butter and chocolate so sometimes I cheat with those haha!

I also, recently refilled one of my doxy prescriptions for a quick fix to get rid of bacteria-which isn't all that smart...but whatever!


My stupid freaking PARAGARD IUD. I thought that the non hormonal side effects would be a good thing!! wronggggg. I did lots of research and everyone I have seen has said they got acne from it. (Something about the high levels of copper)

So, I will be getting it removed ASAP.

So, I will let everyone know what happens after I have gotten rid of the paragard (probably in a couple weeks).

Since I wont post any pictures of how I look (i'm not that brave): My skin is perfect everywhere else besides an annoying sized patch on my left cheek, a couple small pimples on my right w/ scars, and some scars that are fading on my forehead w/ one zit in the middle!! I know that doesn't sound too horrible because I know it could be a lot worse!!! But it still is embarassing and awful to look at.

I have also decided that I am never going back to the dermatologist again because they ruined my skin...and there is nothing left for me to try that will work long term.

SO fingers crossed I can go get my IUD removed on monday, and I will get back to everyone on how I look!!!

(hopefully my skin will be a lot better by AUGUST 8)----read my other entries to know why. I am done typing haha.

P.S. If anyone would like share with my about the copper IUD and their horror stories too! YOU ARE MORE THAN WELCOME!!!


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Neither retin-a nor acanya is a spot treatment, just an fyi. You should be applying them to your entire face. Good luck with getting your iud removed. I never trusted those things. My mom had one when she was young and it moved out into her abdominal cavity. She had surgery to get it removed. Peace!

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