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As Bad A Breakout As I Have Ever Had ! Ffs!

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I tried to stop obsessing over my acne last few months, without so much success to be honest. I tried limiting eggs for a while and nightshades but didn't seem to do anything, as usual. I have also been trying to eat less foods that make me fart, hoping there is some kind of ludicrous connection between farting and acne lol. That means less fruit and veg and wheat, if any, which means eating like a weirdo and then the inevitable binges like the big girl I am.

Acne was so so for last few weeks although I have been eating chocolate every few weeks or so which I am almost certain has some kind of connection to me breaking out.

Last Saturday [20 July 2013] I went a whole week without any chocolate [thank you, thank you] and I was thinking to myself Saturday night ooh skins starting to look better - NEVER EVER TEMPT FATE - obviously the next day I was hit with the inevitable dreaded pre spot pain and over the next few days I had what may be the worst break out of my life! WTF FFS FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK.

Possible explanations / reasons for this hideous disforming:

  • A few days earlier I had gone back to having a lemon a day due to lack of fruit and veg in my diet.
  • This included a few glasses of orange juice.
  • I also started Vitamin C again and I think around that weekend I started high doss - like grams of the stuff.
  • I had a very strong cup of Camomile tea on Sunday and another a few days later [salicylates - heavens forbid!]
  • I had some BD cake on Saturday [shoot me]
  • I had been eating some home made Ice Cream / Parfait plus some bought stuff a few days before and then continuing over the weekend - including condensed milk as an ingredient [high carb content so maybe high lactose?] [summer yo]
  • This combined with a mini chocolate binge on Sunday - a few rank truffle things.
  • Might be too much saturated fat all things combined
  • Been hot so my Erythromelalgia has been pretty shitty so not been sleeping well.
  • Maybe sweating more when exercising - boxing especially. [i used to think sweating was good].
  • Was farting particularly badly Sunday evening - after home made moussaka type thing - aubergines maybe?
  • Seems guts are particularly fucked up at the moment - seem to be hypersensitive to any fibre or residue leading to excessive gas - farting.
  • I have been getting lots of sun - [ obviously isn't that good at stopping breakouts]

There are no doubt other factors I can't think of off the top of my head.

One thing to note is that I have been getting lots and lots of sunlight which I used to think was good for my skin - so obviously sunlight doesn't really make much difference to my acne.

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What is your regimen? I am curious about what you are doing to prevent breakouts. Sometimes you can focus too much on diet and not enough on preventing breakouts with acne medications. Just a clue. (See your dermatologist) Don't pressure yourself into figuring all this out on your own. There are trained professionals who know how to prevent future breakouts. Use them. My dermatologist is really smart and she led me to use tretinoin, benzaclin and amoxicillin. Guess what, my skin healed up and no more cysts. Just a tip.

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I don't really have any regime to be honest. Topicals don't really make any difference, I used to use Benzyl Peroxide and some other stuff but I don't really bother any more because it didn't really do anything, apart from dry and age my skin. I have always meant to try something like AHA or BHA and especially retinal-a but I was always put off by the having to avoid sunshine part, maybe I will get round to trying them this winter.

I don't get on with Doctors really and to see a dermatologist I would have to be referred through a Doctor so at the moment it's just down to me lol.

I don't really want to take antibiotics because I think my digestive problems may stem from taking them a while ago, however illogical that may seem.

I have always wanted to try Accutane but because my acne never used to be that bad Doctors would always want me to try other options first, I think Accutane is usually considered as the last option and so it was always very difficult to get a subscription. Also it probably isn't that great an idea to take it when I already have pretty dodgy guts anyway, I may finally end up with the crystal clear skin I have always dreamed of, but this would probably be deprecated by the accompanying colostomy bag lol.

Some people just can't be helped.

Cheers for the advice though.

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Skin much better today. Still have some spots but everything seems to have calmed down a bit. Face is much better, still some active spots in scalp though.

Seems as though something definitely caused me to breakout. Wish I knew what.

Things to note:

  • I haven't eaten any chocolate for a over a week now.
  • I haven't eaten any condense milk.
  • - I am not really sure about condensed milk, the stuff I was using was like 50% carbs and if even half of that is lactose then that is a lot of concentrated lactose, I am pretty sure you can only digest so much lactose in one sitting. Something to think about.
  • Stopped the lemons.
  • Have been eating less saturated fat but will be upping it again next few days so will see - maybe it's the saturated fat combined with sugar that is the problem some how ie ice cream.
  • Had frozen berries for a couple of nights a few days ago but they don't really agree with me [maybe its the insoluble fibre from all the skin] and I think they lead to looser BMs but maybe looser, faster BMs actually means better skin. Had frozen mango last couple of nights instead not sure how it has affected me yet though.
  • I am going to try and reduce starch again, maybe replace starch in mornings with eggs etc instead.

Description of Breakout

[i forgot this in my original post]

Back and chest - very good - very little if any active spots - maybe one or two - f'ing bizarre.

Scalp - normal to bad - usual handful of active painful spots.

Around hairline - as fuckign bad as it gets - particularly around temples and below ears for some reason.

Forehead worst area.

Average around stubble.

One painful spot near nose.

One spot on cheeks near nose and some pain near side burn area.

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