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My Makeup Routine



hey guys! so i figured I should post an entry about my makeup routine. I usually do a pretty good job of covering up my acne so hopefully this will help someone else smile.png that is, of course until our skin clears up and there won't be a need for foundation anymore wink.png

So here it goes!


- Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer.

It's oil-free, a must have for acne prone skin.

-Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Compact Foundation (my shade is Warm Sand)

-This too is oil-free and although it is rather expensive, I would definitely say it's worth it. It goes on super smooth and blends right in to the skin. I use a foundation brush to apply it.

-Maybelline Mineral Powder

You could also use Bare Essentials mineral powder but it's more expensive and Maybelline seems to work just as well for me. Plus, I can get it at the local drug store. I usually apply two "coats". The first with a normal powder brush, and the second with a fan brush.


-Rimmel Natural Bronzer

I JUST bought this because of the summer time and I really like it because it doesn't make me look orange. Plus if you have acne on your left or right cheek, it helps conceal them better.

-MAC Mineralize Blush (Warm Soul)

I put this on top of the bronzer and it looks really pretty. The color blends right in with the bronzer but has just enough hint of pink to show through.

Anyways, I hope someone might find this helpful and if anyone has questions, feel free to ask. I am at your service.