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What To Do For A Weekend Camping

Mitch P


This weekend I'm going on a fishing/camping trip where I won't really have the ability to keep on the routine I'm on. Will this be beneficial for my face, to kind of give it a break? Or is it a bad idea to stop what I'm doing and go natural for a couple days?


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It could probably go both ways. Either it will give your skin time to breath and heal or you skin will start producing more of the oils that contribute to your acne. Usually when you keep a very strict routine that's when your skin will see the most improvement and if you stop your routine and then start it up again in wont be as effective as before and you will probably have to try new products. That happens a lot with me, I'll find a product that's working then I'll stop it and when I start it again it no longer work! I have no clue why this happens but I know it happens to a lot of people! I would suggest continuing your routine to the best of your ability!

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