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Roaccutane Diary - Week 1



Roaccutane Diary - Week 1

I started my Roaccutane treatment on Wednesday 17th July and am on 2x20mg a day and take both in the evening after dinner. Ive been told to take it on a full stomach otherwise it can give you stomach cramps.

After ALOT of research I know that this medicine makes your skin dry especially your lips! So my darling mother said shed treat me to an Elizabeth Arden 8hour cream skin protectant. I can think of nicer treats, but at £25 a pop I suppose its quite a nice supportive treat! So yes I started using this ASAP before even starting as the doctor advised. So far so good. It smells a bit funky but nothing I cant handle and its been super hydrating. Just plain gloss look no colour tint. I noticed my lips drying within the first day - strong stuff eh! And now day 8 I seem to be putting it on every hour/half hour. They are also starting to get sore like sun burn. Theyve also got a nice pink colour going on so it looks like Im wearing a coloured lip gloss. No flaking though - just a little prune like your fingers go in the bath #sexy.

The next thing I noticed was my head started to be a little itchy- I assume this is because my hair is drying out too. This was day 5 ish. In fear of my hair drying out too much and falling out, Ive been using a hair masque. Just a dove intensive care one. Its lush. If my hair gets super dry I think I might invest in a hair oil - give my hair follicles a little moisture!!! Oh top tip - DO NOT itch your head, I havent but I guarantee if I do thatll be it, ill be welcoming dandruff into my life!

Since day one Ive also been on top of moisturising my body! Ive dug out all the body shop butters I have and used them post showers to combat the dryness. I also read that baby oil is great for locking in moisture so Ive been having baby oil baths! (Ive been commented on how soft I am!)

Ive been using cetaphil gentle cleansing wash and cetaphil moisturiser both which I love and really work for me. I have however started to dry out now and noticed my skin shedding last night (day7) especially round my chin. Need to up the moisturiser I think! Im actually mega impressed at the speed of which this is working! Day 5 also brought some little white friends around my nose and then chin and side of mouth since. I think this is the initial breakout they speak of! What hasnt been said Is that they hurt and have their own heart beats!!! Since being on Epiduo Ive not had such bad ones for a while and forgot the pain they bring!! Damn them.

Oh and the first 2 days I had quite a bad headache but I think thats just my body adjusting to the meds. Whats also important to mention is that Roaccutane dries you out which means you need to stay hydrated and drink at least the normal 2 litres of water a day - in my case Ive been having 3-4 litres. Especially in this wicked hot summer were having!! :) (oh and wear suntan lotion.)

Thats it from me for now. Ill be checking in each week to update. If you have any Qs please ask and if you have any advise its always welcome! :)

Ruth xo


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