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Back Story



Roaccutane Diary - Back Story

Ive decided to make a roaccutane diary to see my progress and give others an insight into The road to Acne recovery - I hope!

Firstly, just a brief overview I am a 24 yr old female with mild persistent acne. Ive had issues with my skin since the age of 14 where I had spots on my back. I went on antibiotics which cleared me up for the most part but within the year I was back where I started and sure enough they had started to migrate to my face. Luckily not so bad back then.

Then turning 17/18 the spots on my face started to get worse so I was given duac which again initially helped but soon enough became ineffective. Little by little my persistent spots became more often and even started having cystic ones! They started to leave behind scarring and small dips in my skin!!! *tears*

I went to the docs in Dec of 2012 and was prescribed Epiduo. This is basically the topical version of Roaccutane. It was extremely effective and brought my 3-4 spots at one time down to only 1! Which I was mega happy about. 7 months later I went to talk to the dermatologist about potential scar treatment e.g Dermaroller, chemical peels, laser etc. but I was told no one would work on me since I had active acne - this being the 1 spot currently on my face! I was recommended to have Roaccutane by 2 dermatologists which leads me to now.

After taking 3 days to research fully the ins and outs of the drug, Ive taken the plunge in the hopes of a clear face without the continual use of topical creams (which would probably end up being ineffective like the rest) I know all about the serious side effects like depression but am strong willed not to be sad and have the most amazing family and most of all man ever so theyve put me on Ruthey Watch to check up on those pesky mood swings haha!

So yes this is my back story and ill post weekly my side effects and facial updates. I will be taking pictures for my own use but may upload a before and after pic at the end. Im not quite confident to show the world my insecurities just yet!

Wish me luck! Xo


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