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Ali Faraj


I am using 5% Benzoyl Peroxide, cause i couldn't find the 2.5% , I have been using it for about four weeks now, there is a small improvement but not much , i wasn't able to apply the moisturizer, because i tried many of them and my face was burning as hell , so i stopped using it , what should i do ?


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I have been through the exact same thing you are talking about. For me it was through the use of a product called benzaclin. It is a combination of 1% strength clindamycin and 5% strength benzoyl peroxide. My face burned whenever I applied it but I knew if I stuck with it I could see a 58% reduction in pimples. I read the product insert with the directions..etc..Anyhow, I stuck with it and it stopped burning my skin after about six weeks and it greatly reduced the number of pimples that I had. Every treatment has an uncomfortable phase but stick with something and maybe see a dermatologist. There are non-Benzoyl Peroxide meds available.

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I see many people use Jojoba oil along with a Benzoyl Peroxide treatment and it seems to work for them! Maybe give that a shot!

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I have tried so many things, so when i first applied benzaclin, I felt nothing lol

maybe i will try jojoba oil

my face became a laboratory for creams and gels ,,

anyhow , am only using cleaner and benzeyl

thnQ for the advice :D

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I'm still trying to pinpoint which products soothe and protect raw skin, too. I've had some trouble spots while trying out tretinoin cream and gel. My regular moisturizer is Cerave AM and PM, both of which burn when applied to raw skin. Aloe vera gel (alcohol free) burns until it dries. Honey soothes, but not a good choice for leave-on treatment, doesn't protect or occlude. Vaseline soothes and protects, but it's greasy and may trigger new break-outs.

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