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Week 4: Dry But Improving



The last week has been much better than when I last posted. First, the jojoba oil I bought from Whole Foods worked like a charm! I also learned this weekend that Trader Joe's carries jojoba oil as well so I bought theirs too. The Whole Foods one only dispensed 6 or so drops at a time and I was getting too oily. The Trader Joe's version lets me tailor how much I need, drop by drop. I've found 3-4 drops is more than enough. Anyway, adding the jojoba oil has made a big difference and helped the flakiness subside. I plan to use it at least 1x a day (probably at night) or 2x a day if I'm really dry. If you've not tried it yet and are experiencing dryness, I HIGHLY recommend you give jojoba oil a shot.

This week, I've had one large new cyst but it's toward the back part of my jawline, almost underneath the edge so not very noticeable. I don't mind it much and felt I've had a few days of peace on the acne front. Of course, as soon as I thought that, I had a little whitehead pop-up with some redness underneath by my mouth. Hopefully that will go away quickly. I have a family reunion this weekend and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some acne free skin. I've got enough to deal with with the scars.

New minor pimples: 2 (one near my mouth, another by my hairline on my forehead)

New major/cystic pimples: 1 (near my jawline, toward the rear / almost underneath the jaw)

Healing pimples: 2 (the big one on my cheek has flattened, can still feel it but it's much better now... and the one from last week near my jaw / mouth).


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Hey, looks like you're doing better! :D jojoba oil is seriously the greatest, I use 6 drops every time I moisturize because I'm so obsessed with its calming properties. Don't even care that I get a little oily/golden haha.

I'm just starting my 4th week and I think this is the turnaround point where most people see improvement, and by 2-3 months they're clear! Stay strong <3

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Hi there! I'm so glad to hear things are going well for you too : ) jojoba oil really made all the difference for me last week. I had to stop applying the BP a few times because I was getting scabs! Yikes.

Let's hope that our 4th week goes better than the 3rd : ) It's nice to have someone at exactly the same place so we can compare notes and stay encouraged. Hope you have a great week!!

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