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Okay, just a heads up, I am EXHAUSTED in these photos. I took them the minute I woke up, not sure why. Try not to be too alarmed.

Anyway, yesterday was pretty brutal. I went about the usual day with what I referred to as my "oatmeal face," which was kind of humorous, but also came from a place of grief. My boyfriend reassured me that my whiteheads weren't that bad before I left to go visit my parents, but I was still bummed about it. I knew they were going away, but they could've been a little faster before I had to stroll around New York with oatmeal face. And, of course, it was brought up at dinner, which proved to be disastrous.

I made the mistake of bringing up my birth control, which I'm going to switch. I'm currently taking Sronyx (Alesse), which is higher in androgen levels, and can hurt acne. I brought up Ortho Tri Cyclen-Lo and its known skin-healing benefits to my mother in passing, which instantly became a huge debate on how to cure my acne. My father suggested Accutane at one point, which really set me off. I was pretty insulted and upset, especially because I don't like people talking about my skin unless I bring it up. I'm in the process of conquering my acne, but it's still a huge insecurity for me. It was a pretty nightmarish dinner.

Moving on, I've ramped up the BP amount to the full finger's length. My skin seems to be okay with it, so that's good! I'll be starting AHA next week if all continues to go smoothly with the BP tolerance. My whiteheads are drying out and starting to go away, which is awesome. One popped on its own last night, but I helped the rest of the trapped gunk get out. It healed well, luckily!

So, although it might not look like an improvement, my skin is way less congested than it used to be. Its sort of like someone with a brutally stuffy nose, and when it finally starts to clear, a lot of snot pours out, which is nasty, but a good sign.

WOW, I'm tired. Looking forward to a more normal post tomorrow.


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<sigh> I understand how frustrating that can be : ( I'm usually pretty sensitive to this sort of thing too. The other day my mother-in-law was like "Oh no, what happened? Did you get mosquito bites"?? I was so embarassed and upset. No, not mosquito bites. Just my darn acne flaring up. Anyway! luckily you're well on your way to clearer skin with the Regimen.

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Yeah, it's the worst! I felt so bombarded by people telling me what to do, like I wasn't doing anything about it. But yeah, so are you! :D can't wait to see/hear about your final results and keep reading your journey towards that.

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