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Acne Scar Remedy



After all is said and done with accutane, absorica or whatever other medication your on, many people go through their next battle in trying to get rid of their acne scars. I'm currently trying to limit the amount of damage that I will have while on Absorica and I have been looking online for simple tricks to help my face heal.

Rather than use over the counter topical solutions, creams or go back to my dermatologist for a prescription, I was looking for a natural home remedy (I am also trying to limit the amount of chemicals and medications going through my body). I came across a video on Youtube, where the girl SWORE that this little trick really minimized her scars (other people in the comments agreed that it worked for them as well!). I personally have only done it twice so far, but I will definitely update on whether or not I see a difference in my face....here it is:

1. Cut a lemon in half (or use lemon juice) and rub it on your face around the areas of scarring. (I used a whole lemon but just cut one of the ends off in order to prolong its usage)

2. Let the lemon residue sit on your face for 30 minutes, it might sting for the first few minutes so its helpful to have a fan or sit near the air conditioning until it settles.

3. Next, take an ice cube and rub it over your face for 5 minutes (I've only done it for 2-3 minutes because my face was getting too cold and it was bright red)

4. Take a cloth and pat it on your face to dry up any wetness

*I recommend doing this at night before you go to bed, especially because my face was bright red after I did it. Also, when you are using the ice cube, keep a paper towel or a rag nearby. The ice melts really quickly so it can get a little messy.

Has anyone used or heard of this remedy before? I'm really curious to know your thoughts!


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Ive heard of this before but never tried it! The lemon juice is suppose to lighten the scars, so it only works for dark spots, red spots, and pigmentation but doesn't really work deep scars. Im not sure what the ice is for. Maybe to close your pores so the lemon juice absorbs better? Hope this works for you!

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lemon juice is legit! it brighten my overall complexion so well on top of making my scars fade. took about a month to see noticeable results. if I wasn't so damn lazy I'd keep at it x:

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I heard about a similar remedy, only with grated cucumbers - it didn't work for me.

I recently found out that benzoyl peroxide - which I used for years - actually can make the red/brown marks worse. (That is why Proactiv gives away a dark spot corrector!)

I've been using Neaclear's anti acne facial moisturizer as scar remedy. I stumbled upon it because I was watching Dr Oz and he had a show about the skin benefits of an herb called NEEM. It's in their products and they are all natural.No chemicals - I'm with you on that.

I've seen major improvement, and my dark marks were on my neck and shoulders as well as my face. And it doesn't sting and neutralizes the oil.

Good Luck!

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Hmm..as I said before, I've only done it twice, I've actually noticed a few more pimples on my forehead, but it might just be hormones or my skin getting rid of some crap. I don't have any deep scarring, anything I've noticed is just red areas or marks, so I'm hoping this works. If it doesn't I will definitely check out the remedies that you mention @JinGeeloo. Thank goodness for Dr. Oz, that man has done an episode on EVERYTHING!

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You all have to try egg white and honey mask! This mask reduces pimples as well as scars if followed through everyday :)

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