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Chin Acne

chin acne69


So, I have been on the antibiotic keflex for the last year and a half. It has kept me relatively clear (my whole face is clear always except my chin) I have tried to ease off of it and hope my acne would not come back, but after a few days big red cyst come up on my chin (2 to 4 at a time).... then i get back on it and it clears it up and i will only get small ones every now and again. I have been suffering from acne since i was 18 and now im 23.(male) I have tried all different topicals. (differin, retin a , salicylic acid, benzyol peroxide, etc) also have been on multiple antibiotics.

I am tired of taking the keflex bc even with this i still a break out every 2 weeks or so just not as often and persistent if i wasnt on it... (like i said before when i come off of it my chin flares up with pimple after pimple after pimple)

I have been thinking about accutane for a while now.... Do you guys think this a good choice for me, to just whip this acne out where i dont have to wake up worrying if i have a big red pimple on my chin? I have a dermatolgist appointment august 12th, and am currently on keflex which is keeping me relatively clear... do you think my derm will wanna prescribe me the accutane or do i need to stop the keflex to show her how bad my skin will get when im not on it....!?!?

some1 help? i just wanna stop this acne ASAP so i dont have to deal with it for the rest of my life

Also 2 of my brothers and my mother have taken accutane in the past and there skin is flawless now and never have to worry about acne no matter how bad they eat or drink


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Keflex is awesome. I use it too. Never think about stopping until it stops working. I also take Amoxil and I rarely get even the tiniest pimple and before I started Keflex and Amoxil I was major pepperoni pizza face. Cysts everywhere. PEACE!

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Stick with your current treatment program if you can. If you want to try Accutane, your doctor will want to know that you can keep up with taking pills every day no problem. Let your derm know you are unsatisified with your current treatment program, and tell your doctor your reasons why you think taking Keflex every day is not the best choice for you. If Accutane is the treatment option you want to try next, your doctor needs to hear why you think you'd be a good candidate. Bring all this info in writing to your appointment so you won't forget anything. Also write down any questions you might want to ask.

Taking Accutane isn't right for everyone. You need to understand all the costs, risks, and responsibilities involved in taking this drug. It will be a big commitment for you and for whoever's paying for your treatment, kinda like getting braces or contacts. Your age, gender, budget, medical history, and the quality and severity of your acne are all factors that are important for your doctor to consider. Another consideration is how compliant you've been so far with taking medication twice a day and with your self-care and hygiene routines.

If you or your doctor aren't ready for you to try Accutane, discuss your other options. You mentioned several topical agents you've tried and that you've taken several oral antibiotics. If you haven't already tried topical antibiotics, ask your doctor if there's one that might be a right for you.

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