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Accutane Day 20!



My face is so dry!!! I'm putting on moisturizer after moisturizer and it's not helping. Does anyone have any advice on how to help the dry flakes? If I put lotion on them it just kinda smears around on top. Should I buy a gentle exfoliatior? It's sooo hard to not pick at the flakes or scratch them.

My chin is starting to break out really bad, which is also where I have the dry skin flakes. So that just looks lovely. The left left of my temple had tons of little bumps. My forehead has cleared up though. I have one big pimple coming in on my right cheek. My chest is still broken out, which sucks because when I first started it cleared up really nice and now it's back to being gross. This is so annoying. I start school in mid August so in praying my face is atleast under control by then.


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Im almost at my 7th month of accutane and my face still flakes like crazy. Basically what i do is take some of my face wash and rub it in circular motions all over my face and just keep rubbing all the dead skin off or if your skin can handle it take a wet washcloth and rub it in small circular motions all over your face and apply a little bit of pressure. After doing this my skins usually a little red but its better than having all the flakes!! Also i use a face serum called Peter thomas roth viz 1000 hydrolic acid hydration serum and it keeps the flakes under control and moisterizes so much better than any moisturizer I've tried before. You can buy it a sephora for $65 which i know is expensive but its worth it and will last your whole accutane treatment time. Then after you put the serum on you put any moisturizer on. Hope this helped!

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Did you try CeraVe moisturizing cream (in the tub)? Or Jajoba oil on your face at night after you wash it and before you go to bed? I hope everything clears up for you soon--but it will be worth it in the end! I've heard the first month is the worst

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