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My Beginning



Well I don't know where to start off , but I'm 14 and have been suffering from acne since I

Was at least 10, ever since then my acne has gotten worse and I came across acne.org

And found the product regimen, I haven't gotten it yet but I'm really looking forward to

It coming I ordered it over the weekend and Its coming from California and I live in Orlando

So I'm going to have to wait about 10 days. Anyways I tried 100's of acne products

That either made my skin worse or only worked for a little while and then went back to being terrible:( , so

I hope from all the reviews on this product and great results from people on YouTube

That it will do the same. I heard some bad things about regimen , for example it makes

Your skin flaky and dry , soo I will blog and show my skins progression with pictures ,

HOPEFULY all things go well :/