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Birth Control



So I went to the beach last week which is supposedly supposed to help acne. I guess it did clear up a little bit. But I've finally decided to give birth control a shot at trying to clear my acne. I have an appointment on Wednesday and I'm very nervous. I know it's supposed to get worse before it gets better and I am not looking forward to it. I also don't want to be crushed and disappointed if it doesn't work.


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oh man, the only thing I have to say about birth control is that it MAY make you feel...more emotional than normal D: I felt like I had a permanent fat rain cloud above my head and just stopped taking birth control because it made me feel so terrible x:

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Have you ever gotten your hormone levels tested? Birth Control only helps people who have hormonal acne because it evens out your hormone levels. If you do have hormonal acne and birth control doesn't work I would suggest going on spironolactone which helps with hormonal acne. Good luck! Hope this helps!

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