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Week 6



So, I ate pizza this week, which wasn't such a good idea, two new pimples. They'e not excessively huge, but I just hate having them there.

My face is really dry. It hurts, not only when I smile but once I rinse it during the day it gets super dry and I can't take any wind or anything. So I think I'll have to cut back on something, I guess I can cut back on the toner. I don't need to use it every night. I know originally I had planned to cut back on the benzoyl peroxide but I don't think that's gonna work because I might just break out more and I don't want to risk it so I'll cut the toner to every other day instead of every day.

I took the mask out of my facial. So now it's just steaming and scrubbing. I think once I steam I feel better. I feel like my pores are happy and willing to greet whatever is coming next with open arms. weird... i know

I also have another problem now. I have a million little white heads on my nose and chin (at least I think that's what they are). They look like every pore on my skin has a little filament growing out and screaming to the world... look at me!!!

I tried some of the biore pore strips I had left but it made no visible difference.

Strangely, my skin feels rough. It never feels rough once I use this particular toner (2% salicylic acid and some amount of glycolic acid). But it's rough which is strange.

I wish I could just wave a magic wand and get the skin I want.

Just to let you know what I've been doing for the past couple weeks.


rinse face and neck with plain water

Will rinse face if i'm exceptionally sweaty during the day

Wash back and chest with mild cleanser


Wash face, neck, back and chest with mild cleanser

Neck: thick lotion for dry skin

Chest: toner

Back: toner, BP

Face: toner, bp, moisturiser

Supplements: daily multivitamin + mineral, Vitamin C (500mg), Vitamin D3 (1000iu) --- started taking the vitamin C and D3 early last week.

I also take iron tablets when I'm getting my period.


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