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Acne Week #1

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Hello lovelies,

So I've suffered with acne for about four years now and after countless treatments, this is how my face stands:

  • I have spots/acne on my chin, lower cheeks and jawline, with the odd few on my forehead
  • I have considerably bad acne scars on my chin and cheeks
  • I have slightly enlarged pores on my nose and cheeks
  • I have blackheads on my nose, although not too severe

    I've recently found myself feeling really down because of my skin, and treatments that I'd been using had stopped working.

    I was originally on Zindaclin Gel (which contains clyndamycin) and the Dianette contraceptive pill.
    Together, they worked to really help clear my skin which at the time, was really severe.
    I then unfortunately started to have really bad mood swings on the Dianette, so swapped to the Yasmin pill, which I am still on.
    Still using the Zindaclin gel, I realised that the main problem was the scarring now that the acne had cleared up well;
    My skin just wasn't in the best condition. Being refused a referral to see a dermatologist, I was put on Retin-A gel 0.01%.
    I used that for a year, and while it did help the condition of certain areas, I didn't use it thoroughly enough...
    Mainly because of how sensitive/dry it made my skin.

    So after a recent trip to the Doctor's, I am now trialling:

    • Yasmin contraceptive pill
    • Isotrex gel 0.05% (contains accutane)
    • Doxycycline 50mg (once daily)

    ​I plan on keeping an update of how these treatments go, including cleansers/moisturisers/make-up...

    Hopefully a review of different things could also help someone else who feels really down about their skin.

    - PixieLittle x

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