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Day 26

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So there hasn't been any huge changes since the last time I checked in. My acne has been really calming down, there have been no more cystic acne break outs so far. I'm getting regular pimple though. The oddest thing that I have experienced has been my blackheads and whitehead literally have been pushed out of my pores. I go to sleep and when I wake up I can see the blackhead poking out from the surface of my skin.

The texture of my skin had changed too, besides the active out breaks my skin is really starting so smooth out. The redness has been pretty minimal, my foundation covers the redness, so I don’t have to do anything special to cover it up.

Other than the dryness and thirst I'm not suffering from anything else, Aquaphor is my best friend. A lot of you have been asking for pictures and at first I was hesitant and not wanting to show my face, but after looking at the pictures that I have taken from day one to now I have decided that I am willing to share my progress. In these pictures I do have makeup on my you can still see the acne bumps and the amount that covers my face. The picture with glasses is at the beginning and the others are the most recent ones.

Until next time guys:)

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