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Jojoba oil is one of my new favorite skin products, seriously. My skin has been much less flaky and irritated because of it. It still burns when I use the moisturizer, but the jojoba has diminished a lot of the redness in my face. I was pretty surprised yesterday to see the difference after work when I looked in the mirror! I've even been putting a bit of it on throughout the day. It's oily, but it gives my olive skin such a lovely golden shine. The Greeks had the right idea with olive oil, and jojoba seems to be the non-acnegenic oil of champions.

My skin is also still clearing! Yay! Even my boyfriend said something about it today. :) I'm feeling pretty good. There's a small cluster of little bumps at the top of my nose (in between my eyebrows), but my period is coming in a few days, so I don't even count that as a problem breakout.

Needless to say, there are still some issues, and I expect to see some on the Regimen for a while. Two whiteheads were popped again on my cheek, closer to my upper lip. I was scrutinizing way too much in the mirror, and one accidentally just came right off. It was definitely ready to go, but I could have done without the bleeding. That always makes me nervous. I panicked a bit and nervously played with the small whitehead next to it, which I forcefully removed. So, now I have two bleeding pores :( I spot treated them with some BP to hopefully bring down some of the swelling and redness.

There's also a papule growing near my nose (on the other side of my face this time), which always kind of bothers me. Papules are so apparent, and they take forever to go away! Ugh! Not much I can do about it, though.

I also have to wear makeup this weekend, as usual, which unfortunately won't be mineral makeup. My makeup store doesn't update their Tarte products until next week, so I plan on using the BB tinted moisturizer this weekend before I exchange it. It isn't that bad of a product anyway, especially for one weekend, I just wish it didn't have sodium chloride in it. Oh well!

Update on popped whiteheads and makeup to come tomorrow, just gotta chill and go with the flow here.


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