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Day 11

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Hey everyone-

So its officially day 11 of spiro. Just yesterday I switched over to 50 mgs instead of 25 mgs and I didn't notice any bad side effects. I'm feeling pretty hopeful about spiro. I haven't had any bad breakouts yet (which isn't completely weird for me because I only get like one huge cyst a month anyway).

I also got my MRI back for my ovarian cyst, and it turns out its a 4 centimeter DERMOID ovarian cyst (yes, the kind of cyst that contains hair, skin, nails, teeth, eyes, sweat glands, etc.) I went to another dermatologist today and he said the dermoid cyst could definitely be causing my weird, lumpy, cystic acne. I hope I have to get the dermoid cyst out, and hopefully that will resolve all my problems, but I have a consultation with my gyno on July 30th, so I'll find out then if I have to get it out or not/when.

I'm still dealing with this huge cyst on my left cheek (3 or 4 cystic pimples connected to form one huge lump). I got it shot with cortisone but nothing really happened. Should I get it lanced? Anyone have any suggestions?

Im not gonna take any new pics because my cheeks look exactly the same!

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