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Update For The First Time In A While!



Hey acne.org! I haven't been updating at all, mostly because there hasn't been too much going on, but I made a few changes, and am making a few changes as I go on, so I wanted to let you all know! Summer is typically the best time for my skin, all the sunshine is great for my skin, and the air in Florida is pretty humid, which is good for my normal to dry skin, plus I freckle up in the summer, which I personally enjoy. I typically have three to four little pimples on my face, so I'm almost never completely clear, but its a huge step up from how it used to be. I get the occasional papule or pustule, from eating dairy or being really stressed, but that doesn't happen too often. On the big scar on my forehead from the cystic acne I had there last fall (I had two to three cysts in one area of my forehead, and they left a large, deep, discolored scar on my forehead) I actually read on this website about the needling technique on deep scars like that, and it sounded legit, and I figured I had nothing to lose, so I tried it, and my goodness has it ever worked.

How needling works is basically--the deep scars and discoloration are all a part of scar tissue in your skin, which toughens the more you leave it, and may fade eventually, but it could take years if just left alone. So needling speeds up the process by using a very thin needle to poke small holes in the scar, break up the scar tissue, and begin the re-healing process all over again. The first time I tried it it was so interesting, because like the post on here said, I could feel the scar tissue crackling and breaking up as I poked it GENTLY with the thin needle. I do it once every month, and has greatly GREATLY helped my forehead scars, making them much shallower and the hyper pigmentation is nearly gone.

Before I started needling (in january/february)


As you can see, deep forehead scarring, and lots of hyper pigmentation pretty much everywhere.


Sorry that one is sideways, but you can see that its deep and its several different scars all lumped together.

After I started needling, the size of the scar was reduced, as well as the depth.


I've been doing it every month, that picture was taken in April.


This one was in June I believe, and the rest were in late June.


So you can see that the improvement is dramatic, the scar is so much smaller, and less deep, it's been wonderful.

Alright--second development, I've had a nagging in my head for years now, to go natural. To not rely on cleansers. or products, moisturizers and benzoyl peroxide. I don't want to spend the rest of my life living in fear of a product running out--even now, Mary Kay is discontinuing the Velocity cleanser and moisturizer line which was the only thing that ever worked for me. I eat very healthfully, I take probiotics, and I'm trusting that with effort, my body will be able to heal and right itself. There's nothing inherently wrong with my body, it does want to have acne, acne is a sign that something is off, and I'm tired of using benzoyl peroxide and pills and cleansers to try to stave off the problem rather than actually fixing it. So last week I started an experiment, I am going to barely anything to my face. Barely any cleanser, no moisturizer, no makeup, just leaving it be. And today, I may even be going water only, for a long amount of time and seeing if it actually does any good before I give up on it and go back to products. I've been wanting to do something like this for a very long time, and now I have the time, and the will to stick it out and see what happens. If I break out a lot, after waiting for at least three months, then I will give up on the natural approach and go back to chemicals and products, but I sincerely hope I wont have to. So far the only breakouts I have have been caused by an experiment with the oil cleansing method gone awry.

So we'll see, and I'll be letting you guys know how it goes!

Love and kisses,



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