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Week 3: Minor Set-Backs

A few set-backs since I last wrote. #1) that moderate pimple turned into a cyst yesterday. It came to a head last night but little came out when I tried to pop it. Tried again this morning & had better luck. Exciting because it should flatten out now right? Wrong. This evening, it remains raised in all of its inflamed glory. However frustrated I am, I'm distracted by issue #2) DRYNESS. FLAKINESS. SCALES. out of nowhere, my skin has gone from taught from the BP to full out scaly and flaky. It was so bad that I did not put on any BP this morning. I considered not putting on any this evening too except that I spent most of the day at work googling what to do about my new found scales.

Dealing with #2) Dryness. I came across a post on acne.org that talked about massaging the dry skin with jojoba oil. Another post talked about the benefits of adding AHA+ every few days. Exfoliating has not worked at all so I decided to try one of these previously mentioned methods. I was afraid to keep using the BP on such dry, irritated skin. It's not red, but clearly not in a state to respond favorably to the treatment. I tried to buy the jojoba oil at Target but surprisingly did not find it. Apparently most of America has much better skin than I do and is not on the Regimen. Luckily, my acne.org friends like you : ) made some great recommendations on where I can pick this stuff up. I tried Whole Foods on one of your suggestions and found it immediately. I read that the organic kind is the best and that's what Whole Foods carried. It smells nice too, added bonus. I came home after work and purchasing, washed my face (gently), mixed some jojoba oil with moisturizer, and let it sit on my skin as a mask of sorts for 1.5 hours. I just washed it off and while I was still dry, I felt my skin was able to handle tonight's BP treatment.

Back to #1) Still Developing Cysts That Refuse to Leave. I don't understand why my pimples get so inflamed, fester, love me so much they refuse to come to a head, and then leave a mark to remind me it was there (I remember, trust me!). I was half joking with my sister the other day that I should really name these things---kind of like how hurricanes are named. They start off as tropical storms, warning signals go off, then they die out or come at me full fury. I think my moderate pimples and cysts deserve their own names. I can at least keep track of them and tell you about the devastation (scars) they leave in their wake. Just like hurricanes, my lovely cysts will have people names and will be named alphabetically in order of appearance.

Agatha (June 15th) - deep cystic & painful, right along my jawline. luckily, somewhat tucked away but very very large. took 3x to pop, lots came from it when it finally gave way. took 2 weeks to fully flatten out.

Bertha (June 24th) - this was/is the unforgettable cyst that formed in the center of my cheek for all to see. became extremely inflamed and was super painful. never came to a head, still has a raised bump almost 3 weeks later.

Caroline (June 24th) - adding insult to injury, Bertha's sister popped up and really made my skin look awful. It took 1.5 weeks to go but is now flat. I cover the mark it left every day with make-up.

Dylan (July 11th) - inflamed and refuses to flatten despite having popped/drained it 2x already

Minor pimples: 1 (excited!)

Moderate pimples: luckily no new ones at this time

Active Cysts: Dylan <sigh>

Healing Cysts: Big Bertha, flat enough to where it doesn't bother me too much but still raised and noticeable

Thanks for listening : ) hope you all have a great week!