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Whaaaat! Breakouts?!



Heyo hey!

Has anyone ever experienced some purging from switching Accutane brands or increasing the dosage?? I switched from 60 mg claravis to 80 mg Amnesteem. And have like five small breakouts and im in month six. Whaaaat! I'm hoping this is just a small reaction to the new medication. But mama Mia how long is totally clear skin gonna take?



Besides switching brands, did Accutane clear up your acne? Did you have an Initial Breakout? I'm worried about that!

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Yes I've heard of people breaking out this late, some as late as right after the course was finished. It should pass, although I can imagine how frustrating it may be. You should be fine.

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Hope2013- Hey! Accutane has really cleared up my acne. I had moderate acne. It really wasn't awful, just very persistent. I was never without some sort of acne bump on my face. But, I did have a significant initial breakout. However, I was prepared for that. It's all part of the process. Your body is working to rid your skin of the oil and excessive sebum and that's its way of doing it. I can promise you that it will be worth it. Currently, I have one very small breakout that I can cover with concealer and three small purple/light red marks. So, NOT BAD! And keep in mind... we are our own worst critic. So, my skin probably looks a lot better than I think.

If you are thinking about Accutane... I would strongly recommend it. It helps to have a great dermatologist as well to help you through this and help you understand it. Mine has been fantastic. Her goal is to have me completely acne free for two weeks (NO LITTLE BUMP, NOTHING) before I will go off Accutane. My guess is that I will be on this medicine until month 8. Which is kind of a long time for a girl with moderate acne. But, hey, I don't mind!

Good luck :)

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