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Nearly One Month



Hi there

Well it's about one month since I started using Dianette and Differin. I'd say about three weeks of nightly use with Differin as at first I just did every couple of nights to see how my skin would react. I think I see progress. Well I do but I don't want to speak to soon, I know it's still early in the process. From about Monday last week I noticed that the left side of my face, where most of inflamed spots are, was looking a lot less angry, there was still spots there and some new ones coming up, but to be honest I knew they were under my skin so was kinda glad that they were on their way out. But it really dried up some smaller ones there and over all the redness really died down and things started to look a lot smoother. I got a about three or four new spots over last week, although they were big they weren't massive and although they are still lingering a bit they are going down, I'd say if I could get rid of those four then things would look even better, but because all the old red marks are calming down it really helps make actives I do have look a lot less severe. This was my main problem area and I'm not looking for miracle after one month so I will keep going in the hope that things keep getting better, I'm in this for the long haul!

My chin is clearing a lot as well, it had sooo many under the skin closed comedones, that you could only see in certain light but it made my chin look really red. Well a few of these have come to the surface I'd say about eight whiteheads, not all at the one time, but they came up and went in a day or two and now it's just marks that are fading and the rest seem to be going down without coming to a head, when I was my face my chin feels a lot smoother before it was sooo rough t was horrible, even with the red marks they now, it looks clearer.

I have seen the most improvement on my forehead, again, a lot of closed comedones and blocked pores, that seemed to be blocked with dry/rough skin, again when I washed my forehead it felt really rough (something I've never really delt with before, yeah I had spots there but it was never that rough texture) and it looked red, my pores looked huge and It was getting me down more than the inflamed ones on my cheek. What a turn around, I'd say after about two weeks of nightly use I could see things were happening. Now when I touch it it is so smooth and feels really supple, not dry. When I wash my face it feels great, and I honestly didn't believe this myself, but my pores look sooo improved, when I looked in the mirror I could see then straight away, now everything looks smooth on my forehead. I can only think that a lot of the open pores and texture was due to them being blocked and since the differin is clearing things out that they aren't being pushed open anymore. It's a relief to see things improving here.

I seem to be talking mainly about the Differin so I'll finish up on that and move on to the Dianette. Overall I've had minimal irritation from the Differin. A couple of times I thought my skin was looking a bit red especially on my chin, but it ws red anyway and a lot of blocked pores, so I figured it was working, and usually with a bit of moisturiser and a little less Differin the next night, it went down. I've had minimal peeling too, every couple of days there will be a couple of hardly noticeable little flakes you can hardly see them they are tiny. I do wonder if maybe it's not strong enough for me, but while I continue to see improvement I will carry on, I see a lot of reviews were people find it gentle but still effective. I did start to put it on during the day for a few days, only on the inflamed parts as I find it helps to calm things down, this increased the dryness and flakiness a bit, again nothing major and I've stopped now, only nightly use. I'm still not moisturising after using at night, and have not problem with this, things feel a bit tight at first but after an hour my skin feels soft and I don't feel like I need to moisturise. In the morning I use olay day fluid spf 15. Still searching for one a bit higher, but the weather has been great here and although I have been careful not to sit directly in the sun, I haven't let it stop me getting out and I honestly haven't burnt or anything, my make up has spf 15 in it as well so if I felt I'd been out to long II just put on a wee touch more of my powder. I don't know if maybe the sun has helped too, I've always found it clears me up, I hope not though. I'd rather think it was my products as I don't want to rely on sunny days, but like I said I've been really careful and only in the sun for an hour or two at most so I'm sure that' not the case, maybe just the fresh air! I was worried when people said Differin can make you oilier, but I've noticed a reduction in my oily production.....but this may be due to the Dianette.

Dianette is meant to reduce the amount of sebum that your oil glands produce and in the last week I've noticed a difference, although maybe now my pores are clearing up the oil isn't building up as much so it's probably a combination of both. I've just started my second pack, I'm running them together to try and make it as effective as I can for the first few months until my skin calms down. It has increased my appetite but I'm not complaining just yet. I'll just need to make sure I'm eating the right things. Apart from that (and sore boobs, although it's meant to make them bigger, again I'm not complaining) I've had no other side effects.

Oh I also added my Clinique toner back in, just a tiny drop, but sometimes after I washed my face I just didn't feel like I had all my make up off (although I only wear a little power and blush), so I just lightly sweep this over, I was cautious of over doing it, but I really think it has helped to remove any lingering dirt and hasn't over dried, just being careful to use a tiny amount. It makes a difference during the day as it tightens things up without drying and since I'm not using Differin during the day I feel it helps clear out my pore and tighten them before I use moisturiser.

Still taking two spoonful's of cod liver oil a day and a multi vitamin, not sure if they are having an effect, but over all after a month I feel things are moving in the right direction, yes I still have bad days where I think it looks worse but then they next I see improvement, I guess it will be like this for a while until things calm down, I just need to keep calm and give things time.


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