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Day 13: The Great Purge Wages On

Okay. I just need to vent a little here. I apologize in advance.

WHY is my skin doing this? The initial clearing was absolutely a tease. There's this decently-sized red bump on my cheek and whiteheads on both my forehead and cheeks. This is so uncool.

I have to admit that yes, my skin is getting less inflamed and these breakouts will heal like the rest, but goodness this is saddening. Especially without the aid of face makeup.

I can't stop looking at my skin. Look at my photo for this entry, seriously! I couldn't even give a profile view (I'll have to do that tomorrow anyway). I'm so annoyed and insecure. It doesn't look that bad because it's not high def, but oh, it's bad.

I also have to admit that some of this might be my fault, since I had to break down and remove a few whiteheads. Even if I do this correctly, they seem to come back. But, the problem is if I don't, THEY GO BACK INTO MY FACE. I SWEAR. THEY BECOME BUMPS. Or, they become a big red spot that takes months to go away. Curse you, sensitive scar-prone olive skin!

I won't give in. I still refuse to wear makeup (unless it's for a show), and I cannot keep popping my face. It's so counterproductive. Maybe I should get rid of my mirror and reduce the risk of temptation. Who knows. At least I can bump up the BP dosage on Tuesday. Everything must go.

P.S. I've been researching foundations I can wear for shows, and I've pretty much come to the conclusion that all makeup is comedogenic in some way. But, Clinique Redness Solutions foundation seems to only have one comedogenic ingredient (sodium chloride) near the bottom of the list, and many people who are acne-prone seem to enjoy it. Not a bad idea for someone who suffers from redness! I might give it a go. I'll update on that.

P.P.S. Death to Bare Minerals.


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