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Mt Take On Washing Face (From: Washing Face)

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no one is asking to constantly wash face but personally i dnt understand when the whole thing about never letting clean water touch face keeping oiliness in mind.

i believe its got to do a lot with placebo effect plus the fact that products used are harsh and messes with the healthy sebum barrier.

of course if one's skin is sensitive or has any other issue,even water might irritate and cause pain.

the bottom line IMO is follow a regimen that does your skin good,doesnt necessarily mean its a general rule.

also,personally i dnt support caveman regimen.

we aint in caveman era and we face a lot more obstructions(if i may call it) in form of pollution,unhealthy environment and harmful rays etc.so a minimum level of skincare routine is probably needed.

i feel this was a lil' off topic.

for the question was whether or not he/she is to wash face.

cleansing twice with a mild wash(before and after bed) makes me feel good.plus through out the day before application of anything topical or after exercise etc i feel dirty & oily so I splash water and then dab my face dry with a clean cotton cloth.

i feel good and clean.

i am not saying its a perfect or ideal routine but i feel fine with it.

p.s this is my routine when am home.(so basically i get in touch with water every 4 to 5 hrs) but even when am out & dnt wash or anything for several hrs(say 7 to 9 hrs) i see no change ,good or bad.

although i admit i will have to test for longer to see bigger changes.


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