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Day - Unknown.



Hey guys, haven't posted in AGES. And for anyone who may have followed this blog, i apologize. I wanted to wait until i saw some noticeable changes before posting again, then after about a month and a half total, my dosage ran out and there was about a week gap where i was off the tane all together. Then once i saw my derm he boosted me up to 40mg a day, which is twice what i was on before. Finally after being on 40mg for about a month and a week, i can say my breakouts have stopped. So i've probably been on accutane for about 70 days. I also have lightly massaged/rubbed my skin whilst under a hot shower to remove dead skin cells, which has noticeably decreased my icepick scarring. my skin looks a lot smoother and some of the bumps underneath have surfaced, dried up and flaked off. my arms used to have sort of a "goosebump" look to them, which thanks to accutane is now gone.

The only side effects are a lightly pink face, dry skin on arms and eyes and lips. I bought coles lip balm for $1 and it works a charm for my lips, every other side effect is bearable.

Please comment your progress or thoughts on accutane, would be greatly interested! i recommend accutane to anyone considering it, because i presume that anyone considering accutane, would have annoying acne to begin with.

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