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Week Two Of The Diane Experience

amie flowers


Hi all,

My second week of Diane has been a bit better for me. Last Sunday I did start to experience breast tenderness/heavieness but that's all the discomfort I have experienced so far. I do currently have a bad headache, but I'm just assuming it's from having too much sun today. My face is starting to clear a bit. I'm not too sure if it's just because of where I am in my cycle right now or if the Diane is actually starting to work? Only time will tell. I can honestly say though, I have already started noticing the oil production on my face, back and chest has slowed quite a lot. I know this for certain, because my face was always super oily and gross in the mornings and throughout the day ( I'd have to go pat my face down and soak up all of the oil several times a day when I was at work) and that's not happening now! I am fairly dry and shine free right now, which is awesome....it's been far too long.

I am slightly on edge too and have a tendency to be a bit moody (whether that's the pill or just my usual self, I cant tell at this point?) I do legitimately suffer with PMS though and the Doc prescribed this to me knowing that I have PMS. I have also had a couple of small crying spells (but nothing compared to that time I was put of Tricyclen Lo and I made my son dance around with me to Landslide by Stevie Nicks, while I blubbered like a little school girl.....that was scary man!) Good news for me as of right now, NO weight gain or appetite increasing so far, although the true test will be coming up in the weeks to follow. I am wondering now, if this Diane pill will also help with the painful, nasty and heavy periods I've been experiencing for the last year? I truly hope this pill will help me get everything on track. I'll keep you all posted. Will post again next week around this time smile.png Wish me luck folks


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Hey :) Was just thinking about how you are getting on. I'm so happy to hear things are going well, I just finished week 3, I think my oil production might be slowly reducing (fingers crossed). I've noticed the last few days I'm a bit less oily too in the morning. It's really sunny here in Scotland for a change though so it is quite humid which doesn't help, but I'm not complaining cause it usually rains all summer! So I'm trying to get out and enjoy it as much as I can. I'm glad you didn't get the appetite increase, I am craving sugary food, but I deprived myself for ages (thinking oh I wont eat bread, milk etc hoping that would help my skin) so I think maybe I'm just making up for lost time. Wishing you luck, but I think things sound like they are getting better already. Gill ....ps hope your having a good weekend.

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Hey! Glad to hear the sun has been shining over there, but humidity is never fun. We get that here, it get's really sticky and the atmosphere is super heavy. Lately it's just been ridiculous hot, so I've been spending my time at the beach :)

It seems like clockwork with the meds I mean. You are just wrapping up your third week and me on my third this week, I guess that's how long it takes to work it's magic on our oil glands! I'm happy that I'm not a total grease ball anymore. It's make a huge difference in my life and because of this, the break outs are slowing. Onr thing I have started doing again, is using my lavender facial wash, with two drops of tea tree oil and then If I've got dry spots, I use my jojoba. Face is looking better and for once I've even decided to get a bit of a tan (just to give me the appearance of looking better and feeling better) I have never tanned, because it's so bad for the skin, but I have decided to just relax a bit and get a tiny bit of sun.

I have been craving sugary foods too. I know what you mean when you have deprived yourself for so long, it's easier to just give in. I do that too! Lately, it's been all about these chocolate chunk, banana muffins...MMMMmm :) I've been barely eating though (due to the heat) just drinking tonnes of water, fruit and a small dinner (and then my muffin for a bedtime snack) and so far no weight gain at all, I actually think I'm losing weight (which is good) as I would like to lose about 5 pounds and get closer to my pre-pregnancy weight....that would be ideal :)

I'm glad the Dianette is going smoothly for you and you are finally seeing some results. It's so nice to leave the house and not feel gross and self-conscious about everything. Here's to many more days outside for the both of us!!

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