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Day 16

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Hey guys, just wanted to let you guys know how I've been doing on Accutane. I'm so happy with the results so far, I know that sounds weird, but I have seen a difference in my skin. I know that so crazy, people have told me that they didn’t see results until the third month, but for me that isn't the case. Yes I still have my cystic acne, but they are less red and angry looking. The dryness of my skin hasn’t really changed but I have kept the flakiness at bay with a good moisturizer and plenty of water. I'm still on only half my recommended dose (40mg once a day instead of twice a day). I won’t be going on the full dose until next month, I don’t know how that will affect my symptoms, but we shall see. Right now, dryness is the only real symptom that I notice. I did have slight headaches the first week, but those are gone (knock on wood). I haven't had any nose bleeds( thank goodness) and I hope it stays that way.

Since I'm been pretty dry, I have made the switch to wearing my glasses for the majority of the day, I now only wear my contacts when I go to the gym or when I'm going out some wear where glasses are not practical, like the water park or going to a bar/club. Yes I know you can wear glasses to those places, but I personally don't like that look for myself.

I have my derm appointment at the end of this month, I'm excited about that for sure. I will admit that I thought I would have a terrible time with Accutane, but so far so good, here's to hoping that doesn’t change! Talk to you guys later:)

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