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Week 2: Getting A Little Better!



Hi everyone,

So I am 10 days into the Regimen. I've experienced a fair amount of dryness, as promised. I haven't tried the jojoba oil because I'm afraid to add oil to my skin, but I have used lots and lots of moisturizer. I've been especially dry on my chin and around my mouth. I've been pretty impressed by Dan's treatment --- it dries clear, is really lightweight, and allows me to put on my make-up after moisturizer without it looking fake or strange.

The big cyst on my right cheek is still there : ( it just won't come to a head which is pretty unusual for me. Usually these things come to a head sooner or later. The good news is that it has subsided considerably. The bad news is that it's still a big honker... very noticeable. I hate avoiding social situations just because of my skin, but I'm dreading going out of town this weekend. All around me are people with perfect skin. I hate feeling sorry for myself when I have so much to be thankful for but sometimes it's just really hard..

Anyway! Here is my breakout summary/status below.

Minor pimples: 2 new (one on forehead, one on cheek); the good news is that i've actually had 2-3 come and go within the last week on their own... i think they were intimidated by the twice daily application of BP. love it!

Moderate pimples: sadly, one underground is starting to surface near my mouth and threatens my weekend with its presence

Severe/cystic: the one on my cheek remains. I did have another one last week that took a while to subside, I can still feel its remnants but it is flat now.

Crossing my fingers that I'll see more improvement and hopefully clearing this week!


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