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Day 22



So I've officially hit my three week mark, and it seems as though what I previously thought was my initial breakout...was not. It's actually quite hilarious how awful my skin is right now. The only thing getting me through it is the prospect of clear skin which Accutane pretty much guarantees. At least I can tell it's doing its job...so I can't complain there. Currently I have three fairly large cysts on my chin. Which rarely happens, at least not so many at the same time and not on my chin. They aren't even really inflamed, just painful lumps that are visible, even through make up. I've developed one pretty much every day. Today's new addition is on the inside of my nostril. Weird. As far as skin texture though, everything is really dry, and all of my blackheads are chilling on the surface of my skin, dried out and rough. Hopefully they fall off soon? My pores are the same way, just clogged, raised, and dry...the texture is awful and it looks terrible up close. I have a few small whiteheads- around my nose and on my right cheek (1 or 2). I'm hoping this IB doesn't last for long...and I hope these blackheads and gross pores improve soon!!!!!! Has anyone dealt with this before? Pictures in order- right cheek, chin, left cheek, nose, forehead. Thoughts?

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is there any way you could post pictures of your skin before and now at the 3 week mark? I'm worried about an IB!

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