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8 Months On Spironolactone

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It's been a while since my last post... mostly because I hardly have to worry about my skin anymore! I've been taking spiro for over 8 months and have never been happier. I'm still using tretinoin cream at night and moisturize with cerave PM. In the morning I use cerave AM. That's all! Every other day I use St. Ives apricot scrub to help clear away the dead skin from the retin-a. I stopped using all benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid products. They made my face much more inflamed and irritated and dry. Since I stopped using that harsh stuff, I noticed my skin is more balanced and actually breaks out less. I think the cerave moisturizer is helping a lot.

I still get a pimple or two when I PMS but it's nothing too crazy or unmanageable. I'm so happy with my skin finally!!!!! My best advice to anyone with cystic acne is to be patient and give spiro a long time to kick in. It took months and months (with LOTS of ups and downs) before I really felt I had made significant progress. And not to mention 15 years of bad skin before that... !

My dermatologist was constantly telling me I needed accutane and I'm SO GLAD I didn't go that route. At 29 years old, I didn't think that would be a long-term solution. Most women at my age who use accutane have relapses and have to do additional rounds. I think that my acne was mostly related to stress, hormones and years of putting harsh acidic topical irritants on my face. And diet too --- I've been eating an organic, GMO-free and dairy-free diet while minimizing my intake of processed food. I think that has made a huge difference. There are some awesome sites about how GMO foods are causing lots of health concerns and I whole-heartedly believe my skin breakouts were directly related to food allergies and/or upset stomach caused by overly-processed food. Corn and soy ingredients that are genetically modified are being linked to lots of diseases like autism, cancer, and more... it's crazy. Okay enough about food! I hope anyone who tries spiro sticks with it and sees great results like I did :)

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Just wondering where you have acne? Is it all over your face? Or mainly around your jawline? Before I went on Accutane I asked my dermatologist about this treatment and he told me I could try it but it wouldn't work for me because spironolactone was for just hormonal acne and used in older women. Anyways I have a feeling once Im done with Accutane my acne will return! So Im still learning about new treatments and keeping my options open! Thanks!

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It wasn't on my jawline, it was widespread around my cheeks (under my cheekbones kind of) and on my chin, either on the right or left under my mouth. From what I understand, spiro will only help hormonal acne, but if you're 18 or older I think it's worth trying. I saw great results even after my dermatologist told me repeatedly the only course of action was accutane. I was on antibiotics for a long time and used every topical under the sun. Spiro is the only thing that helped. Good luck with your accutane!! Hopefully you won't need other options :)

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