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All About Acne ,tips And Tricks



hey hey

all this information i have written myself from my knowledge and studies i have done i have studied beauty in college so this is what i have put together from everything i have learnt but most of it is from personal experiences . i do have videos on my youtube channel that are more in depth i have a acne series and i will have another video up tomorrow (10 july 2013 ) please have a look at my channel IT IS (kaysbeautybox) please subscribe for more and if you have any questions or want any videos please email me at [email protected] and i will answer every question and make all videos i can

love kay xxx


Acne skin

· acne skin has red big blemishes and black heads and white heads that are raised and visible

· the skin can be extremely dry or extremely oily or can be a combination of both

· skin is usually very sore to the touch and easily aggravated

· the acne can leave lots of scaring if you get any form of sun damage or if you don’t treat it in the correct way ,if you squeeze or pick at you’re acne it will scar

· Acne is very hard to cover and when you do cover it it can become cakey ,you need to insure that you apply the correct makeup products that are needed and keep it simple

· Makeup will not make your acne worse you will have products that will break you out but not all products will you need to choose the correct brands and makeup made for ily to combination skin NEVER FOR DRY SKIN unless extremely dry skin but you should use a bb cream under your foundation (refer to the makeup application page for acne for more detail

· Always have you face brushes clean at every use so you don’t spread bacteria ,my suggestions for foundation brushes and sponges would be a stippling brush and a latex free sponge because the stippling brush dry’s fast and the latex free sponge is used wet therefore you can clean them at every use

· You should go for regular facials with a beauty therapist

· A good treatment is acid peels and laser treatments

· You should see your gp or a dermatologist to get some medication to help clear your skin from the inside

· Acne is often a hereditary thing so ask family members if they had it and if it does run in your family it will take time to clear if it is not in your family then it could possibly be hormonal so it can clear when your hormones are balanced if it is hormonal it won’t really go away with age or when you finished going through puberty it’s could be a imbalance in your hormones so have your hormones checked out for that .

Skin products and treatments

· Regima products are very good to use ( cleansing and toning gel , acne attack post peel gel for any spots , ulltramatte daily infusion ,night renewal ,scar and stretch mark repair ,quantum elastin , new expressions 3 in 1 eye cream or revita-eyz eye cream )

· Neurostrata is best for cystic acne or extreme cases of acne for Neurostrata you will have to see a beauty therapist that works with these products because it will vary with all acne types

· Dermalogica (mediBac clearing™ adult acne kit)

· My best suggestion on all product would be regima its had the most amout of fast results and is very calming for your skin


Acid peels don’t hurt or leave you with burnt skin ,acid peels work into your dermis layer and will kill bacteria and clear acne fast ,you do get left with slightly red skin for about a day or so but it can be covered with makeup if necessary you might be a bit dry for two to three days depending on the volume of your peel .when you having the peel you get a tingling feeling that does burn slightly but it’s not painful it’s just uncomfortable you have the peel on for about five minutes not much longer . with peels you gone once a week and it takes six months to a year to do its job in some cases it can take years .


Laser is a much faster less painful way to get rid of acne its less abrasive to your skin you don’t get red ,you look refreshed and you can treat acne and the acne scaring in one session opposed to doing the peels when its need to be done once a week and can take six months to a year to do its job in some cases it can take years. With laser treatment you see results from the first or second treatment and you can have it done within a two week gap , every two week you have the treatment done and it is the best for of acne treatment at the moment but not very well known or often done . once you have cleared the acne ad scaring it won’t come back in some cases it might but the chances are very low unlike the acid peels it can flare up at any time because it is a completely different form of treatment .with laser after ten or more depending on how many you need you won’t have acne ,you will get the odd pimple or white head or black head but it won’t be red and sore and big it will be small and won’t last long like acne does it also won’t lead to an acne break out you may get the odd normal breakout but it won’t be an acne breakout .


Makeup for acne skin

· Use colour correcting primer

· Use a bb cream

· Use setting spray

· Use a foundation with medium to heavy coverage

· Use a concealer over your foundation on those few spots that need extra coverage

· Use a setting powder a lose powder is best for acne and a translucent one is best suited if your makeup runs and goes patchy or if you can’t touch up during the day if you won’t extra coverage then use a tinted lose powder and be sure to touch up during the day or evening so that you don’t look patchy and cakey

· Keep your bronzer matte and don’t contour to heavily

· Keep your highlighter matte and don’t apply it when you having a massive breakout or if it’s a very oily area

· Keep your blush natural and stay away from liquid and cream blushes

· Keep the main focus on your eyes but having a fun colour or a dramatic look try not use too much shimmer

· For lips stay away from glossy products the more matte you keep your makeup the less attention will be drawn to your acne

· Make sure you set your makeup with a setting spray

· (I would keep a small makeup bag with you at all times to touch up and look good all day )

Tips to keep in mind

· Always wash your face before applying makeup or before going to bed

· Don’t be harsh on your skin ,don’t scrub your face just wash it

· Always make sure your makeup products are clean

· Clean your makeup brushes with every use good face brushes to use to apply foundation and concealer are (foundation – stippling brush or latex free sponge ) (concealer – stiff bristled concealer brush or a latex free sponge ) these brushes and sponges are good because they dry fast and you can wash them for every use the sponges are good because they can be used for many products and are used wet therefore you can clean them with every use .

· Always have a little makeup bag with you in your hand bag or school bag so that you can touch up during the day and have no problems if you need to fix something

· Drink lots of water and eat healthy I recommend a detox once a month refer to the diet page for more information

· Treat your skin with the products it needs

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