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Day 13



Good morning !!

Sorry I have not blogged in a few days. I've been super busy organising things for my holiday in 19 days. Yyeeehhaawwww !! Disneyland here we come. I cannot wait !!

Ok so ... today and over the past few days my skin has been doing really well. The burning from the peel has subsided and as it has been 7 days since my peel the 'new', regenerated skin that has formed is beautiful. Especially on my cheeks and forehead. Previously I had quite bit of hyper-pigmentation on either side of my mouth where my cystic acne had broken out in the months beforehand but 90% of that has now disappeared. I'm guessing I unintentionally had a deeper peel around my mouth due to the burning from the chemicals combined with the over use of my quinoderm before the appointment, which has aided in the removal of said hyper-pigmentation ... so I'm not going to complain. Yes I had to put up with burning, redness, dryness and itchy-ness for a few days but now ... it has all been worth it.

I still have a few small pimples and the remnants of the 2 cystic spots on the side of my mouth and top lip but they're not too noticable. Overall I'm really happy. I just hope my skin continues to improve. I popped a little quinoderm on last night as I feel my skin needs a little helping hand. I can see very small, I wanna say whiteheads, under my skin on the right hand side of my mouth threatening to erupt to the surface and I wanna stop them in their tracks. I'll only be applying the quinoderm every other night as I want to avoid any more burning disasters. I also read online that holding a hot compress to an ever growing cystic spot can help reduce size and ultimately eliminate it all together. The heat I believe disperses the trapped sebum under the skin ... and apparently if you use a big blob of preparation H on any cystic spots after the hot compress is applied it can also aid healing. The shark liver oil in the hemmeroid cream is beneficial for skin allegedly. But the majority of sights where I've read such information seems to suggest the preparation H cooling gel is more effective. Probably because it has 5% witch hazel in it.

I'm thinking about purchasing some witch hazel actually. You can buy a handy little stick of this in boots. I was thinking about alternating this with the quinoderm every other evening. I love the smell of witch hazel. So refreshing and clean. I would if you can make a witch hazel mask ?? I bet that would be calming and soothing. I shall do my research and get back to you.

I'm still doing my banana routine. And over the past couple of days I've been applying honey to my face after the banana to help provide moisture to my skin. I love the feeling of honey on my face.

Well I'm off to do to my research. Have a good day folks.

Have a happy and acne free tomorrow.




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