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Hi everybody! smile.png

I'm going to do a super fast update on how the oil cleansing is coming along. Sorry I have no pictures to share today, but I will by the end of the week. I have (surprisingly) started to break out A LOT. So much that I began to get concerned that I totally screwed myself over and ruined my skin. But I'm trying to stay hopeful! I am still exfoliating once a week as well as using a clay mask. I have been using the Queen Helene Mint Julep mask but I think I will switch back over to my Indian Healing clay for now. It's all natural and I want to continue using good products for my skin. I don't 100% know what caused this breakout, since it happened suddenly after doing the regimen for almost 2 weeks!! I assume it took a while for the impurities to hit surface.. or maybe I have been indulging myself a little too much. That carrot cake I mentioned is now all gone, so I'm going to see how my forehead progresses. So far, it's a lot better. I'm applying BP to the area every night and it seems to have become less red and, well.. big. I now have a few little ones that have joined the party on my nose and on my upper cheeks. (Also right at the end of my upper lip!) They are all very small so I'm not too concerned. Just about that huge mess on my forehead. Ugh.

Other than that, I am staying strong with this method. I volunteer as guinea pig for a lot of new 'acne cures' because I'm just that self-conscious about it. I will do anything!

I thought popped in my head as I was oil cleansing today... I wonder if the method would be more effective if I used my Clarisonic to buff the oil into my skin? Not to mention I'd be getting my exfoliating in for the day. I might try it the next time I oil cleanse. (I have stopped doing it every day and now do it every 2-3 days.)

I'll let you guys know how everything is going at the end of this week! +pictures!! Thanks for reading and thanks for the comments you posted! Wish me luck.

(P.S. Just did some quick research on the Clarisonic - I think it's a no go! I will start massaging my face for a longer period of time however. It is more effective than 1 minute, obviously. I read a lot of testimonials as well, I see a lot of mentions about 'the purge' and how it is the worst part. It can happen weeks after starting, so I think I'm okay. Most people give up when they see how bad they're purging. I am going to stay strong!!! eusa_dance.gif I also forgot to mention I am buying a comedone extractor tomorrow - for my blackheads! I've always wanted one :D It's also time to restart my diet! NO MORE CRAP FOOD! hummus is good for you right Thanks again!)

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eusa_liar.gif I am sure the oil isn't making you breakout. Most acne products are made with oil. And most make-up for acne skin is also made with oil. Keep it up! Oil in your pores for sure, kills bacteria and prevents infections. I would try it too but I am hooked on dermatology.

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