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Absorbica Journey Week By Week

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Hi guys! So I am 15 years old and my whole family has had an awful history of acne. I have tried EVERYTHING! Finally my dermatologist suggested Accutane, which happened to be $700 a month and trust me, we cannot afford that. We then got a rebate card for Absorbica, a new form of Isotretenoin. Instead of being $700 a month, we get it for $10. So that's some brief info on me, now onto the results.

Week One

This week was a crazy week. We were taking a family vacation to South Dakota for a week and I was just starting Absorbica. That whole week, I didn't notice any difference in my skin except for one thing. My acne was so bad. From reading other Absorbica/ Claravis/Accutane blogs, I saw that others were having the same experience. Everyone, including myself, concluded that your body, during this period of time, was trying to get all of the junk out of your skin by spitting it all out in acne form. It sucks but its true. I also noticed my lips were starting to get somewhat dry, so I started using Aquafor. I will post a list later of all of the products I use to keep my skin under control. Another thing that my parents were really concerned about was sun exposure. Because your skin is so dry, getting sunburnt can hurt so much and damage your skin so much more than normal. Just be really careful in the sun! I will post more later!


Lips- aquafor, medicated blistex

Make-up/ moisturizer, facewash- Covergirl sensitive skin foundation, Cera Ve moisturizer/facewash

Week Two

Ok so onto week two. My skin is not yet as dry as I thought it would be from the other blogs I have been reading. My lips, however, are painfully dry. My mom picked me up 3 bottles of medicated Blistex and that seems to be helping, but going one day without it is like going 3 weeks without it when you are not on the medication. Keep using chapstick. My skin is still really bad acne-wise but i heard it gets better.

see y'all later smile.png

Week Three

Hey guys,

So week three- my acne's still really bad. I hope it gets better soon! :/ Anyhoo, my lips are extremely dry, as usual. I just continue to use chapstick... all of the time... haha. Another thing I noticed this week was that, ok well I decided to tan for a while in our pool with my sister. I didn't put sunscreen on my body except for my face. My face did tan though (ladies don't worry). I noticed that when the scabs on my face from my acne peel off, I have a ton of white spots and then tan around it. No matter how hard I try to even it out, it doesn't go away. I moisturize twice a day with Cera Ve. Seems to be doing the trick so far... hopefully that continues...

Bye y'all

Week Four

Hello everyone smile.png

Week four. NOW my face is starting to peel A LOT. And it hurts. Ok so I was refilling my weekly pill box and I noticed that I only had enough pills to last until Wednesday, July 3rd and my next appointment was Monday, July 8th. I got worried [as any normal, over dramatic teenager would do smile.png] and called the dermatologist. Apparently the drugs last in your system for 30 days so as long as you are in that 12 day refill window, everything will be alright! I really hope someone is reading these things 'cuz the other blogs that people have are helping me a ton, so I want to do that for any of you who have questions.

Oh yeah- and my dosage is 30 mg just so everyone knows.

k see y'all next week smile.png

Week Five

Hey guys smile.png

So I just had my appointment on Monday and the doctor is increasing my dosage from 30 mg to 60 mg. I hate pills tongue.png anyways... my face is sooooo dry. The dermatologist said that instead of moisturizing only twice a day that I should be doing it like 5-6 times per day. I might post a picture of the dryness soon if I can figure out how to work my computer wink.png So I went to pick up my pill on Tuesday and the doctor gave me the wrong info about when to give the refill slip to the pharmacist so I got a little impatient crazy.gif not great but I was upset about not getting back on so I can move into the next part of curing my acne. Oh yeah and if anyone is wondering about costs and stuff I got the rebate form from my dermatologist and my insurance company is Aetna. Just so y'all know about certain little pieces of information. Ok so wednesday i picked up my prescription and got on it! Ugh i hate pills. This week wasn't that bad actually! The dryness of my skin seemed to go down a little! My lips are really bad though! AND guess what?! FIRST NOSE BLEED! YAYAYYYYYeusa_wall.gif haha it was awful! Well i'll keep postin!

see ya!

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I hate Absorbica! This is what I was originally prescribed and my pharmacy NEVER has it! Neither does any pharmacy in the surrounding area! I always end up on Claravis because they can "never get any into the pharmacy" I did end up getting it once though. I got a 40mg box but then they had to order my 20mg box! Also the pills are much bigger then Claravis. I hope you don't have trouble getting your prescription filled in the future!

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Thanks! I just got them refilled today so I should be fine... I'm so sorry about ur dilemma! That really sucks! I'm such an impatient person that I don't think I would be able to handle myself in your situation! Hope everything goes well for you in the future

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Right now I'm on my 3rd week of Absorbica, and I had a lot of the same symptoms that you have. I've had extremely dry lips, and peeling skin...fun!(NOT) To make matters even worse I'm starting school in less than 4 weeks.. ugh. Weird question but, have you had like really sore muscles while on the medication? Because I have and it's a pain in the but when you're a dancer.. Anyway! Thanks for your post:)

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I read your blog when I first got prescribed Absorbica in August, So far I haven't had anymore breakouts and my face is dry which is better than when it was oily and I looked like I was sweating all the time. I also have very dry lips, I have to carry tons of lip balms and moisturizers with me. I'm hoping I don't have to stay on it more than 6 months. 

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