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Yesterday I was anxious about my face's reaction to the insane amount of makeup I had to wear yesterday, but apparently, for no reason. Dan's products continue to amaze me.

As soon as I got home, I scrambled to take my makeup off, which the cleanser did effortlessly. I lamented a bit while looking at my clogged pores, but finished the rest of the regimen and went to bed. When I woke up, I was amazed to find that my skin is back to the way it was before! It even still looks like it's improving: it's a lot brighter today. Hail to The Regimen, seriously.

My skin luckily has a lot of time to relax this week before covering up again this weekend. I bought Philosophy's Hope In A Jar SPF 30, which is non-comedogenic. Philosophy must realize that they have one of the few non-comedogenic sunscreens on the market, since the tube was about $40. Woah, right? But, it'll last a long time, since I mix it with Dan's moisturizer, which he recommends. I also happen to really like this product, because it doesn't make my skin oily but instead gives it a nice glow :) Absolutely worth the investment.

I guess I'm grateful that the makeup didn't permanently set back my skin's progress, but it also confuses me. I do believe I have acne cosmetica, so it would make sense for my skin to react to a heavy cream foundation, but will I always have this reaction to makeup now? I don't really want to wear foundation daily, which is why I'm working so hard on my skin, but when I have to again for another shoot or show, what do I do? It's also really unsettling to have my bumps show up in photos and videos. Perhaps this is just temporary, and the better my skin gets, the better it'll be able to handle makeup. I also often forget that makeup can make clogged pores stand out; a lot of the time my skin actually looks smoother just left alone!

Anyway, I'm posting my one week progress pictures tomorrow. Looking forward to it! :D


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