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Finally Done With Accutane!



Hey guys, i finished accutane today,

i was on it for 60 days = 3 months

i took 80mg's per day

40mgs when i woke up

40mgs before going to sleep

my skin is very clear right now, i had severe acne before i started

and the only major symptoms i ever had while on accutane were:

1. dry skin

2. dry lips

3. dry arms

4. dry feet

5. feet peeled

6. easily sunburnt (and im indian....i have never sunburned before in my life)

7. skin stayed red, and is still red

8. when i would go workout/lift weights/run/play basketball....basically do anything active...i would be EXTREMELY SORE for a good week

9. i had a shit ton of nosebleeds during month 2, like literally i could be eating something and i get a nosebleed, got them while i was sleeping at night, if i accidently hit my nose i got a nosebleed, and if i scratched my nose i would get a nosebleed

10. and i also lost 8 pounds while on accutane

i did NOT have any depression or suicidal thoughts or any bad negative severe side effects

if you have any questions or anything please email me, and goodluck to those suffering acne. for me....accutane is definitely worth it!!! i have literally tried everything on the market, prescription wise, herbal wise, and over the counter acne treatments, pro-active



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I am so happy for you! Accutane really helps a lot of people. Now you need to find a good topical regimen (unless you already have one) to keep your skin clear.

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do you have pictures from before and after? also, did accutane get rid of red marks for you?

I start it in early august and would appreciate any advice you can give!

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