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Week 4



One whole week with no pimples on face. Been using the 10%bp everyday and its working.

No cysts since I got rid of the zinc. Never ever trying that again. Not worth the risk. I now have some horrible black marks on my chin because of it. It might be that bad because the bp tends to make my marks worse but I wish it wasn't there in the first place.

My face is so dry it hurts when I smile. My regular moisturizer isn't helping. I think I'll cut back on the bp. I might be able to use it every other day. I'll still keep the salicylic acid lotion and toner. My face really really hurts. But at the same time it feels great that I spent a whole week without even a single tiny whitehead on my face.

My arms, shoulders and neck are dry too but not as bad. My arms are a little peely but they're covered all day so the peeling will stop before anyone sees them. My neck doesn't break out (strange to have a patch of skin in the middle there that just doesn't and is always dry) I moisturise my neck twice a day but it's still dry. I use this aloe Vera cream.

My back and chest are healing thank god. But they seem to be responding a lot slower than my face... However the skin on my back and chest isn't dry and rough so that's something to be thankful for.


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