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Question one

I have been using the cream for a year it keeps my skin clear on my face. I find that it leaves my skin with a redness while I am using it this concerns me. I notice that when I do not use it the redness disappears.

Question two

I have noticed that my cleanser is the first product that runs out; there is a significant difference in time compared to treatment and moisturiser I was wondering why. I have watched the video and follow the steps as you have demonstrated.

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question one

it is the ingredients in the cream that is causing an irritation . a irritation doesn't always happen within the first few weeks or months necessary but it can start at any point .products with high concentration of ingredients salicylic acid , glycolic complex, azelaic acid , elemental sulfur ,allantoin , alpha hydroxy acid ,benzoyl peroxide . may cause irritation not all but few depending on you if the cream has any of these ingredients i would see which it is and if it has ore than one then you will just have to try other products . you can also look for acne treatments that contain any of these ingredients and it should help with acne you just need to find what works for you but you need to remember you shouldn't use these types of products if your acne has gone and only you it in the areas that need it as they are extremely harsh .

question 2

cleanser is usually the first to run out because of the amount of product you use ,as you usually use more cleanser at a wash and most people tend to use too much . with moisturizer and treatments its similar as if you treatment runs out fast you have to think if you are using too much or if you need more of it ,most people use treatments fast because they think the more you put on that faster the treatment will work but that not the case the less product you use your skin is better of as your skin can only penetrate a certain amount just like when you eat you can only eat small amounts its the same with skin it only takes in small amounts so the less you use on your treatment area the better same with moisturizer although its usually the last to go make sure you don't use to much as your skin will not absorb it

so try using less of your products they will last longer and you not wasting them by using to much and your skin isn't absorbing it . what ever your skin doesn't absorb dust and bacteria tends to get stuck to the left over leaving your skin clogged

i hope this helps if you have any questions feel free to ask

email me (kayleighleeming@hotmail.com)

have a look at my you tube channel for information on acne my channel name is (kaysbeautybox)

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