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Week One Of The Diane 35 Experience

amie flowers


I was recently prescribed Diane 35 to help get my adult acne under control. Although, there are a lot of horror stories out there and even my Doc explained them to me,I thought I would go ahead and try because I have been on this particular pill before (with no adverse side effects) and because my skin is absolutely ridiculous these days and I am constantly broken out in places I never used to break out (right cheek, forehead, chest, back ,right in between my eye brows.....I've even gotten them on my neck) They are painful and angry, cystic type things that will stay on my face for long periods of time, sometimes they go away and then come back in exactly the same spot as before. It's embarrassing and is definitely interfering with my self esteem, so I decided to take the plunge.

I am on the generic brand called Cy-Estra which has no difference in ingredients / dosages to it's more expensive counter part (Diane 35) So far so good. No discomfort yet (But this is only the first week) I plan on keeping a weekly log on the progress / side effects etc.

For the first week (especially the first four days) I did experience pounding headaches that advil couldn't help for some reason. Mind you, the weather had been terrible here (lots of rain) but, the headaches have subsided finally. I have also experienced a bit of nausea but nothing too severe. Appetite has actually decreased but that could also be because I am nowhere close to that lovely time of the month. Been a bit moody (but that may just be circumstantial) My face however, is really bad right now. I usually start getting really bad break outs closer to that time of the month and as usual I did break out, but they have not left my face yet. Infact, lately I've been waking up with a new bump on my face every morning. So, I am assuming that this will only get worse before it gets better (at least I am hoping) No change in the oil slick on my face yet (that is still in full force) I will keep everyone updated for those of you who are interested in taking Diane 35, this log is for you.

As for the horror stories, I am still worried. But, I don't smoke, don't have high blood pressure, and am in relatively good shape. So, I believe this will help me through, along with keeping the blood moving,exercising,eating healthy and drinking lots of water. Will post next week to let you all know if there has been any progress. smile.png