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Day 9

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Well ... I have well and truly learned my lesson. I have also come to the conclusion that my vanity gets the better of me far to often. So you remember me telling you the other day about how my scabs from the peel had flaked off and my skin looked good and I went to the tanning salon ... blah blah blah ?? Well ... due to the tanning ... my face got worse yesterday. It turned bright red again and quite raw as if I had been sun burned - I obviously had from the tanning right ?? It was the most stoopid decision I have ever made to date and I am so disappointed in myself for doing what I did. But ... lessons have been learned and I will not be tanning until I go on holiday in 3 weeks. I have also decided to purchase some SPF for my face that is perfume free from amazon (I'm allergic to fragrance. It gives me eczema) just to be on the safe side. I don't often burn on my face but because of the peels and the disaster I've had recently with over tanning I'd rather be safe than sorry while I'm abroad.

Oh and that huge cystic pimple on my mouth that I picked ?? HUGE crusty brown scab formed over that yesterday. It looked horrendous. I mean truthfully ... I looked awful. Needless to say I did not attend the wedding and spent most of the day crying out of frustration,, guilt and anger. I applied some hydrocortisone yesterday to the burns as I read online it helps to reduce inflammation and did my usual banana routine alongside a honey + natural yoghurt mask and slathered my face in preparation H.

When I woke this morning my face had calmed down ALOT and when I showered a lot of the crusty red skin that had formed yesterday as a result of the sunburn, dropped off as well as the scab on the side of my mouth. The spot is still there but its not as big as it was before and the skin around my mouth is still pink but it doesn't look burned. It still looks kinda sore ... like irritated but not overly noticeable.

I've done my banana routine this morning and also applied a honey + natural yoghurt mask and then applied aloe vera gel and hydrocortisone. I popped a little bit of quinoderm on to the cystic spot on my mouth to see if it helps reduce the size, then after a few hours i've put a thin layer of preparation H on either side of my mouth as I still think those areas need to heal. You can see if you look really closely where the burns were/are as my face is quite tanned theres an 'obvious' patch on either side of my mouth where the skin has shed and is probably continuing to shed. I do hope its 'fixed' in time for my holidays. I'd like to go out in the sun without any worries.

Well I hope you have a good weekend folks.

Have a happy and acne free tomorrow.



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Have you considered an antibiotic. I am not sure preparation H is non-comodegenic (meaning "doesn't clog pores") I mean an antibiotic would eliminate the cystic acne very nicely. I know I sound bossy but I don't think tanning is healthy in terms of skin cancer. I know its easy for me to say with my natural tan but I think fair skin is beautiful too. No need for tanning. I hope that helps. Have a great "holiday". I am guessing you are European cuz in America we say vacation. PEACE!

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Yer I'm from the UK : ) I'm on roaccutane for my cystic acne which is certainly helping to control it. The same can be said for the chemical peels. My skin at the moment is doing quite good. I only have a few pimples from the 'over-use' of the preparation H, which you are quite right is non-comodegenic. But again I HAD to use this because of the burns. I have stopped using it for a few days and starting using hydrocortisone 1% cream as its replacement to help control any left over inflammation from the chemical burns. The skin on my cheeks and forehead are lovely and clear from the peels which have eliminated alot of the scarring and hyperpigmentation I had. I just hope my skin stays this way from now on. More or less pimple free and crystal clear ... I can always hope. Thanks !!! I'm super excited about my trip to Disneyland. Only 19 days now : )

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