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Something Has Changed



I know I said that I had written my last blog entry because nothing is happening. I have clear skin and use the same regimen:

1. Amoxicilllin antibiotic

2. Benzaclin topical treatment for acne

3. Retin-A

But, I have added something new to my regimen and adjusted my treatments based on my July 3rd, visit with my brilliant dermatologist. Turns out I was using tretinoin too much, hence the red face. Someone asked me on my blog if it is ok to wash my face 3-4 times a day and it turns out that I was overusing tretinoin. My doctor told me to apply it only once at night. I have done that and I am already seeing improvements. However, back to the whole purpose of my post: (drum roll) I have added tea tree oil toner from The Body Shop to my regimen. I know what you're thinking, shes gone natural. Not true. Its just the toner and so far it has soothed my face and I like it. I hope it is killing P.Acnes like it purports to. Peace!






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Good for you! Yes tretioin is only to be used once a day and a pea sized amount. Also, it isn't necessary to wash more than twice a day. What is your plan to ween off of antibiotics or are you planning to keep at it long term? It seemed to have helped your acne tons but it can affect your digestion and such. Do you think topicals can help maintain your wonderful results?

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Hi Sasch83,

My Dermatologist mentioned the possibility of anti-biotic resistance. She prescribed them for another six months. After that, I am not sure what I will be using. I try to eat probiotic foods like yogurt everyday to keep my digestive tract healthy. As far as the topicals go, I hope they would maintain me but I am scared to go off amoxicillin just yet. The benzaclin really clears me up. If all else fails, there is always accutane. Peace!

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