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Breakfast,lunch And Snack (From: A Day's Worth Of Eating)

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breakfast - lemon green tea, 2 fruits(say an apple and guava or cucumber etc), dal(lentil soup)

lunch - some white rice,dal again,something bitter like boiled bitter gourd everyday, vegetable curry of 2-3 kind, boiled sweet potato/okra/papaya/ridge gourd(changes everyday), fish(changes everyday) curry, or chicken curry (once or maxm. twice a week).

somedays i have green leafy veggies like spinach or other leaves sauteed with onion and red chilli as starter.

a tiny pinch of cinnamon after every big meal(for insulin spikes)

snack : puffed rice(muri or murmure) mixed with some simple masalas,grated ginger,onion,cucumber and lemon juice.

i have recently started snacking on pumpkin seeds.

an egg done in EVOO.

sauteed veggies with onion,garlic and ginger.(but u wont love it for its needs cooking)


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wow...I wish I knew how to cook really good Indian food. My daughter and I both love Indian food and here in MN, USA we have many good Indian restaurants. Our favorite is "Ghandi's Mahal" http://gandhimahal.com/. I am vegetarian so I get the vegetable curry. It is so good.

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i love cooking.

although i like trying italian or english cuisine better but i know many indian recipes too.

so let me know if u wanna try the simple ones at home.=)

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