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Accutane Day 3!



I forgot to mention in my first blog I am on 40 mg a day, and because of my weight I will continue to stay on this dosage for the whole time.

So far I have not really seen much of a change. My left temple is starting to break out a little, and I normally never get white heads but now that's all I'm getting. Since I have such oily skin I have noticed that I now don't need to really touch of my makeup as much throughout the day because its not getting super oily. Nervous for the initial break out but I'd rather just get it out of the way!

Here is what I'm using everyday.


Cetaphil gentle wash

Cetaphil oil control moisturizer

Garnier moisture rescue moisturizer


Clearasil rapid action face wash

Garnier moisturizer

Oxy pads for my chest and back

And for right now I am using Tazorac cream on my face so try and clear up some pimples. Idk if that's a bad idea but I've been using it for years so I feel like it'll be okay!