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Manuka Honey,



What on earth would I do without you???

Since I've been in the sun a lot recently my skin has been FREAKING out..

I had about 6-8 white heads pop up on my face yesterday morning, put on my trusty honey mask overnight and OUILA! Pretty skin. They're not entirely gone, but most are and the few remaining are 90% smaller.

I still dislike my makeup, and can't wait to have a few extra bucks to try out Ultra Pure Cosmetics!!

I'm just going to start drinking lemon juice every morning and night again and see how that goes. That really used to work for me.

I have become a green nut haha but I love it. tongue.png

x x Stephanie


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I am using one natural treatment in my regimen now. Tea tree oil toner from the Body Shop. I still use benzaclin, retin-a and amoxicillin as directed. I also eat organic and I relate to being a green nut even though I rely heavily on science and medications.

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Awwww that stuff with the alcohol in it? Eeeeek I can't use anything too harsh on my face. And tea tree oil has caused my sensitive skin nothing but problems too. But I do love the smell of it and the way bugs are repelled by it. :) I hope it's working for you?

That's wonderful, I'm the same way! I know that scientists know their stuff, but I know that they can never recreate Mother Nature's original healing ingredients.

I wish I had awesome medication! I'm planning on a trip to the derm, first time since I first got acne when I was 11 or 12. :S They intimidate me lol

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