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Day 3: The Makeup Is A Lie

Dan's products have arrived! I'm so excited! :D I can't wait to update on how they feel/work out, but first, I have some news from yesterday:

SO, I had full coverage for my performance last night. I used Bare Minerals powder, and quite honestly, I've decided that I hate the way it looks on my face. I have very oily skin, and Bare Minerals has no problem showing that. I wasn't sure why a powder would make skin oily at first; maybe because I didn't use the matte formula?

Anyway, Bare Minerals has also always accentuated the large pores on the apples of my cheeks. For me, powder-based makeup also seems to make my breakouts stand out more, especially in the light. I was really self-conscious about that last night.

I decided to do some research, especially because I was afraid of breaking out today because of the makeup, and LOOK WHAT I FOUND:

Bare Minerals Foundation has Bismuth Oxychloride listed as the first inactive ingredient. This ingredient is HIGHLY comedogenic, and is known to cause cystic acne. Insane, right?!

I feel so cheated by Bare Minerals now, especially because when I first tried the product (acne-free), I was in love with its easy and flawless coverage. But, I'm starting to suspect that it was the cause of my acne. Unbelievable. I never realized how careful one with sensitive skin has to be with makeup.

Nevertheless, I looked into my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer as well, and found that it has a mild comedogenic ingredient. I wonder if I should just give up on makeup altogether, or deal with it. I used to use Clinique foundation, but I don't know if that's non-comedogenic, since their website doesn't list their ingredients. Because I like the coverage/SPF, I think I'll try mixing the tinted moisturizer with Dan's moisturizer in the morning. We'll see how that goes.

Stay safe, fellow makeup users.

P.S. I was so frustrated with my whiteheads last night that I squeezed 'em out...gross. I know you're not supposed to do that, but these were simply not going away, and the BP cleaned them up pretty well! Just have to try not to do that often.

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I think foregoing make-up is a wise choice. Cosmetic acne is acne caused by cosmetics. If that is indeed what you have, you should give up make-up entirely or restrict yourself to skin clearing make up such as those offered by Neutrogena.http://www.neutrogena.com/category/cosmetics/skinclearing.do?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Cosmetics+-+Branded+-+SCLMU&utm_term=neutrogena%20skin%20clearing%20makeup&utm_content=Makeup+-+General|mkwid|eHdhXtMd|pcrid|1829459320

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Good Luck on the regimen! Makeup, no matter how 'good for you' it claims to be is just something else covering your pores. If you're brave, i recommend giving up makeup at least until you're further along in the regimen. That way you can know for sure if it will work for you or not

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Thanks for your responses! I'm worried about using makeup with salicylic acid on the regimen, so I think the Neutrogena is a no-go.

I'd love to give it up during most of the week, but I haven't been able to find any info about good SPFs, even on this site. Even the Olay that Dan uses is slightly comedogenic, like my tinted moisturizer. Would it be that bad to mix it with the Acne.org moisturizer for small coverage and SPF?

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