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More Detail To Keep Me On Track



I'm finding this blogging very therapeutic, so apologies for the overload of blogs in the last two days. I find it's great for keeping positive and sticking with something and seeing it out, at least for a few months, something I'm not great at.

Well I thought I should probably make more notes on how my skin is actually doing to help me track my progress. I wish it was just one area of my face (it usually is) but my whole face is in meltdown right now. Mostly clogged pores and oily skin, but my left cheek is where the larger spots/cysts are and my chin has loads of under the skin clogged pores so it looks pretty red and yucky...my skin has never looked like this before, it was always inflamed spots never these closed comedones. I blame BP right now, I used it for two cysts on my cheek and would put a little bit on the rest of my chin/cheeks, I think it was just to harsh and my skin has went into oil over drive, I know a lot of people here swear by it, and I don't want to write it off completely, it clearly works for some people. Other factors could have contributed too, I was using oil as a serum for a while, switching products and under s bit of stress....so sorry BP maybe it isn't all your fault after all, but I do notice that the area I used it on most, has a lot of open pores and a sort of wrinkled texture?? I'm hoping this subsides when my acne calms down...it's been two months though, but I am hopeful once my skin calms down on the whole, things will repair themselves, so be careful with the BP people, less is more and lots of moisturiser.

Ok so back to getting better........

Differin.....certainly hasn't made things much worse (yet...I've heard the stories) it will be two weeks tomorrow, and about a week of nightly use. My left cheek has been much the same, inflamed spots that never really come to a head, I get one every few days and they take ages to heal (before I used BP there I could burst a huge cysts and it would clear up in days with no scar...now this area just doesn't seem to heal...but again I digress, I don't want to keep blaming BP for my problems so it'll be the last I say on the matter). The one thing I've noticed since starting the differin is that the red marks have gone down a bit and the area looks slightly less inflamed even when there are still active spots there. Its definitely evening my skin tone out there. I have about five active spots there, one of which is a cyst that came up yesterday, but it has been under my skin for ages....so if this makes it go away then I'll put up with it for now, it already looks a bit less inflamed. The under the surface clogged pores on my chin are becoming more prominent, although not too inflamed, I think I can see a slight reduction but I think this area will take a while to clear completely. My forehead was also really clogged and had a lot of dead skin which was clogging my pores and giving it a really rough feel, it still doesn't look great, but starting to feel a bit better, although still lots of tiny little clogged pores giving it a bit of a red and uneven look. My oiliness on the whole is still the same, awful! I could blot every half hour and still have some left over! It was like that before the differin, hopefully dianette and getting my hormones in check will help and once the inflamed and clogged pores go down as well I'm hoping that the oil wont sit on my skin as much, I can't even really wear foundation anymore it just sits on my skin and make my texture and pores look worse, again I'm hoping when things calm down and the oil goes down a bit, my pores and texture will look better.

Anyway that is where I am at right now. Skin hasn't improved much but isn't much worse either. Patience is my friend just now and I know I need to give things time. I'll update in a week and see how things have went from there. Wish me luck.


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If you add an antibiotic to your regimen I am convinced you will find quicker results that are lasting. But at any rate, trust your derm. I have a JD not an MD. lol

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